President Jonathan TEARS APART Nasarawa State Governor And His Deputy

Nasarawa State Deputy Governor Dameshi Luka Barau’s recent suspension from the state’s chapter of the All Progressives Congress may serve as an indication that Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura has parted ways with his Deputy.


It will be recalled that Deputy Governor Luka-Barau has found himself in trouble for faulting the APC’s decision to ask its National Assembly members to block all the executive bills initiated by President Jonathan.

The Acting Chairman of the APC in the state, Stanley Buba, explained that Luka has been suspended because of his comments, and alleged it was inappropriate for a party member to contradict the decision of the national leadership of the very party that brought them to power.

However, political experts doubt if the sayings of the Nasarawa Deputy Governor should have provoked the party to suspend him.

The development has also triggered negative reactions from some of the stakeholders.

Nasarawa State Concerned APC Members, led by Hon. Nathaniel Isa Nathaniel, said:

“We are aware that this plan is orchestrated to disrupt the peace that the state has enjoyed in the last few weeks. And it seems some people prefer war to peace and harmony even at a time when our people are still in refugee camps in their own state.

“We are shocked that Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura has hired reckless adventurers to help wage a vicious religious war concealed in the name of APC against the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the guise of fighting his deputy governor.

“Last December, when the President Jonathan, in company of other governors and deputy governors, went on holy pilgrimage to the State of Israel, the governor used the opportunity to plan an impeachment against his deputy on the offense that he went to Israel in the President’s entourage.

“Common sense has been thrown away in exchange for hatred, falsehood and political rascality that is fast gaining the ascendency in the state APC.”

However, Governor Al-Makura recently denied there is a misunderstanding between himself and his Deputy. He described the media reports on the matter as “handiwork of mischief-makers who do not mean well for the state.”

“Those waiting to see friction between me and my Deputy will have to wait till doomsday,” the Governor added at a meeting of the state Interim Management Committee of the APC in Lafia.

Furthermore, while addressing candidates of the forthcoming council elections in the state, Al-makura urged the members of the Nasarawa State APC to remain committed and resist any distractions.

Nasarawa State Deputy Governor Luka-Barau is presently in the United States of America on official trip and is yet to respond to the APC’s disciplinary action against him.

Source: Vanguard