Shekau Sends New Video, Threatens To Blow Up Nigeria’s Refineries

Abubakar Shekau, the leader of the deadly Islamic sect Boko Haram, has threatened attacks in Nigeria’s oil region.

Boko Haram terrorists

He provided this information in a new video released on Wednesday, soon after Boko Haram insurgents invaded the north east town of Bama, killing people and destroying property.

“You will in coming days see your refinery bombed,” Shekau warned in the 28-minute-long video obtained by AFP.


  1. If boko haram could send their video’s for public view I think FG and our security forces could also trace back the IP address used in sending the so-called video at least it will lead us somewhere. God bless nigeria bt boko haram is a threat to our existence

  2. Wetin d commander of our armed forces dey keep our armed forces for? He cannot protect citizens in d northern part of d country bn killed by terrorist.So if na real war com happen,nai b say we no safe for dis naija o.


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