Shocker: Singer Beyonce Has A Brother Who Barely Survives, Lives On Food Stamps


It has just been revealed that millionaire singer and superstar singer — Beyonce knowles has a 4-year-old half brother (pictured right, above) who she has never met and doesn’t even acknowledge him.

Beyonce’s dad had a baby with another woman, Alexsandra Wright, while still married to Beyonce’s mum so there’s a lot of bad blood there; apart from dropping him as her manager, Beyonce also put him off her payroll.

Alexandra tells TMZ that Mathew Knowles owes her $32k in back child support and because he’s not giving her any money, she’s destitute and has to use food stamps to survive.

She and her son Nixon make ends meet with $300 from her state issued EBT card which she showed TMZ as evidence.

Honestly, if you were Beyonce, would you not try to help your half brother? I don’t blame Beyonce at all, I understand her reservations with all ‘dem baby mama drama but that’s your blood, would you not try to help or at least acknowledge him? And he’s so cute..

Note that food stamps are Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which helps provide food assistance to low and no income people and families living in the United States.

How many of you think Beyonce should help her half brother?

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  • Beyonce true colors are showing, i dn’t care if he’s nt a direct brother. He’s ur brother, half or not and it seems heartles to be leaving in wealth while your own blood lives on food stamps. Hw do u even sleep at night? Its not the boy’s fault your dad cheated, he’s just a product, an innocent product at that. You celebrities put up a front with helping people and abandon your. Go take that boy beyonce because i knw deep down there, you’ve got a heart, may nt be pure but its stil a heart and there’s a bit of love there for u to give out

  • Nobody should blame Beyonce @ all,she has to stay reserved in the issue,her dad ‘Cheated’,so that’s the normal human being behaviour on her side,she’s nt an angel,in other way round,show the boy some love,so God can show u love too

  • Thanks a lot kemmy,I don’t blame beyonce,why should she be the one to bear the weight of her fathers mistake?or does he not have a job.the issue should be resolved bw her parents and baby mama,she is a married woman and has her own responsibilities,or was she dere wen her dad was making the baby.only wen u av grown up in house of polygamy will u understand.I would not accept a child by by husband,not to talk of my dads.infact did the baby mama not knw that he was married wen she had the she should also bear the consequences of her mistake.

  • I tire o,wetin concern agbero with overload. He who gathers ants infested firewood should not complain when he has lizards as guests. Why is the lady crying out for help now? Afterall,she knew he was married. It’s obvious she did it bcos he is Beyonce’s father. Tsew. Serves her right. She aint seen nothing yet. It’s jst the child I pity. Why pick on beyonce? Where is the child’s father? Is he not the one who should take responsibility for his child? Is she the only member of the family? Is beyonce not working hard to take care of her own child? Why should she take responsibility for something she knows nothing about? Abeg the woman should get a life nd a job joor! She wants to reap where she did not sow.

  • The only person to pay for mistakes is our Lord Jesus, who is worthy.
    Therefore Beyoncé owes no-one restitution for her father and HIS ex mistress indiscretion.

    True it is sad for the out come of this half brother,
    but is it not written, “we are the product of our parents sin”

    Sometimes we do get what we ask for, (notice I did not say what we deserve)
    If you enter into a relationship with a married spouse who has vowed to God,
    then you enter into a dangerous situation, and you must expect there is some price to pay.

    As for you the mother of this child, I know of no-one who died from having purchased food
    with a government issued food stamp card to feed their child, or lived in a shelter, when there were no more options.
    pray to GOD

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