Some Edo Workers Used Kids Certificate To Secure Jobs – Oshiomhole

adams_oshiomhole_455297545adams_oshiomhole_455297545Some workers in the Edo State civil service, who used their children or brothers’ certificates to secure employment or promotion, have been discovered.

They were among the 1,800 workers issued queries to explain discrepancies in their credentials.

The affected workers were uncovered during the verification exercise organized by the state government recently.

Giving a hint on the outcome of the verification exercise during a meeting with some civil society groups in Benin City yesterday, Governor Adams Oshiomhole said, “It is true we have done verification in the health sector, civil service and others, which puts a lie to the claims by teachers that they are being targeted and are the only ones asked to do verification, and we discovered some civil servants who are using their children’s certificates or their brother’s certificate”.

He added that “However, we have not sacked anybody. If anything, we have directed the Civil Service Commission to employ new hands into the Civil Service. In any event, we don’t have a record of taking unilateral decisions on matters affecting the workers”.

Oshiomhole, who reiterated his disposition towards training and retraining of teachers, said the teachers’ competence level must be ascertained to design an appropriate retraining programme for them.


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