T-Pain: “My wife and I have threesomes with strippers,women should also do that”


ATL singer — T-pain has opened up on his private bedroom activities with his wife.

T-pain says that he has threesomes with his wife often and women should stop deceiving themselves and do it.

Not in his exact words but it has been transcribed for easy reading.

“The other girl is usually my wife. Me a stripper and my wife. So that happens a lot actually. Probably should slow down. I think we should slow down. I don’t know why people don’t do that more often. That’s real. People should do that. Females should do that. Like keep your man. At least he’s doing the shit in front of you. I’m not saying that your coochie is boring. I’m just saying if you get boring to your man. Just like you don’t want a girl in-there but some gotta have it. But dudes are usually the superior of the relationships and they like that. Just do something. All these bitches are like “I can’t let my nigga fuck another bitch ..bla bla bla.. baby he’s already doing it. Just because you not letting him do it doesn’t mean he’s not already doing it. You might as well make him do it with you. Let’s make it a community effort.

When asked if things ever went wrong with the arrangement..he said

Things started going wrong the bitch started liking me for real. Like the bitch wanted to be my girlfriend. She started talking like let’s go do this and let’s go to dinner and my wife was like “Bitch that ain’t what we doing here. This is now and then you leave and then we keep living our lives. Another time it went reverse the bitch wanted me out of the room and I’m like bitch this gon happen. There is a d*** coming your way. That’s the end of story. You Like keep that p*** in your face but I will tell you there is a d** coming your way and its good on you..

He said its a joint effort..we see a bitch and my wife be like. She’s cute and that’s the cue. I walk over to her and say “Look bitch, come f**k us.

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