Teen Has PLASTIC Sewn to Her Tongue to Stop Her From EATING

An 18-year-old desperate to be crowned a beauty queen has had plastic sewn to her tongue “so it hurts too much to eat solids”.

Meyer Nava’s dream is to win the Miss Venezuela contest and she has already splashed out $7,000 on a nose job and had breast implants.


The teenager’s road to success is paved with lots of make-up and tiaras as it is told in Extreme Beauty Queens: Secrets of South America on BBC3.

But one of the most disturbing aspects of Maya’s desire to achieve her goal is the lengths she is going to to stay thin.

She has had a mesh made from plastic sewn to her tongue to make eating solid food feel unpleasant.

Meyer says on the TV show: “It makes me lose weight faster. You eat the same but liquefied.”

The hopeful beauty queen is desperate to win so she can tell the world that “people from the slums can succeed”.

Meyer lives in the Santa Cruz barrio in Caracas, which has such a high murder rate it is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Thousands of girls are competing for the Miss Venezuela beauty queen crown.

The BBC Show explores the lengths contestants and their families will go to to win.


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