The 12 Stages You Go Through on a Really Bad Date

images (5)It’s crazy to think that right now, somewhere in the world, some poor girl is on a bad date. It’s sad, really. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

I feel bad for the girl even though I don’t even know her. She’s probably sitting at a Ruby Tuesday’s somewhere, perusing the salad options on the menu, trying to stay positive. But before she knows it, she’ll be thinking of plausible reasons to get out of this dinner. If I stab my leg with this fork and start bleeding, I can leave, right?

But she can’t leave. She’s stuck. And you know why. Here are the 12 stages of emotions you go through while on a bad date.

1. First, your friend says she knows the perfect guy who wants to take you out.

2. And you’re all, this is going to be the best date EVER!

3. But then you stalk his Facebook while waiting at the restaurant and realize he’s NOT how your friend described him.

4. So you start to panic.

5. When your date finally arrives, you try to be polite.

6. He starts rambling on about his life and you’re like …

7. Just when you start to think that he’s not that bad, he refers to you as his girlfriend.

8. You flag down the waitress because this is way too much to handle.

9. And you’re like …

10. But even with a buzz, this guy’s still a freak. So you break the news to him gently.

11. After you get the hell out of there, you call your “friend” and give her a piece of your mind.

12. eventually just come to the conclusion …

Can you relate?


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