Thelma Okhaz Denies Bleaching Her Skin


In a video which she posted herself on Youtube, actress Thelma Okhaz denied bleaching her skin and explains that the photos which went viral online many days back were pics she took for a movie. (Seehere). Thelma says she didn’t bleach and will never bleach.
“It had to do with some of the pictures I took recently. Actually I did a film beginning of November. The owner of the film called me and said he needed some recent pictures. He said he wanted me looking flashy and all that. Something that can catch people’s mind and eyes. So I took those pictures and I put it up on Facebook and Twitter, that was all. The next thing (it was on all the blogs) and people were hating me. I felt bad because it was based on lies. I’m not angry at people that were hating me because it was based on what they were given that they are acting on. I didn’t bleach, I will never bleach, I will always be myself.”



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