This Pastor Takes Money To Check If Your Name Is In The Book Of Life (PICTURED)

The controversial Kenyan pastor,  Bishop Thomas Wahome (pictured below) collects money to check if your name is in the ‘book of life’.


It is said that Wahome owns the Helicopter of Christ ministries and the Kenyan media describe the “Man of God” and his church as “just out of this world” as he is “known to craft very bizarre ways of conning his flocks”.

Two years ago the cleric was charging KSh 1,200 (N 2,300) to anyone who wanted to touch his garment referring to the woman who touched Jesus’ clothes in the book of Mark. He claimed that people who touched his clothes were immediately cured from any disease.

Fresh reports indicate that pastor Wahome can “Check whether your name is the book of life”.

He is believed to check it for KSh 1,500 (N2,900) and actually ask God whether you are among those people who will go to heaven.

Source: Metronaija


  1. It is wrong to use god as a means of conning people of there finances property or otherwise and it is allso foolish of you to be conned by these unscrupulous people posing as men of god. People don’t u read your bible??? There are no cost price to enter the gates of heaven if there was a cost Jesus would have printed it in your bible instead he tells us that it is easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Read and understand.


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