TOUCH OF GOD: Pregnant Mom Gets Killed, But Baby Survives

A nine-months pregnant Brooklyn woman was killed Thursday morning by a construction loader clearing snow from the fierce nor’easter that dumped a foot of snow on the city.


Min Lin, 36, was dead on arrival at Maimonides Medical Center, but her nearly full-term baby boy survived after being delivered by Caesarean section. He was in critical condition.

“The baby is not looking good and [his father] is very worried,” said Song Qing Hwang, 34, a female roommate of the couple, who spoke on the phone to Lin’s grieving husband.

“I’m not sure what to feel. I feel very sad for the loss of my friend.”

Lin and her husband were loading groceries into the trunk of their car when tragedy struck.


The 42-year-old store owner smashed into Lin while backing up a Bobcat S250 he was using to plow the parking lot, sources said.

No charges were filed pending an investigation, but neighbors said they had seen the merchant driving erratically in the past.

“He almost hit me and my wife yesterday as we were going across the street. The guy was a speed demon. I thought, that man is going to kill somebody someday. And look what happens,” said Marvin Lopez, 43, a janitor who lives across from the parking lot. 

Source: The Trent

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