Valentine’s Day Celebrations Lead To Alcoholism, Abortion, Fraud – Muslim Watchdog

Indulging in Valentine’s Day celebrations will lead to alcoholism, abortion, fraud and baby-dumping, Malaysian Muslims were warned on Friday.

antivalentinesThe Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) issued a sermon describing how the occasion could lead young Muslims in particular, to a life of vice.

“Social ceremonies such as this are a stepping-stone towards greater social ills such as fraud, mental disorder caused by alcohol, abortion and baby-dumping, and other negative ills that can invite disaster and moral decay among youths,” it said, according to an AFP translation.

The sermon ominously adds: “It will begin with lies, mental instability due to alcohol consumption and being pregnant out of wedlock.”

JAKIM has orchestrated anti-Valentine’s campaigns since 2011, the Malay Online reports.

Volunteers are enlisted to approach youths and warn them of the alleged dangers.

But the warnings went unheeded by 138 couples from the country’s Chinese minority who chose to mark the date this year with a mass wedding.

The nuptials took place at the Thean Hou temple in Kuala Lumpur, and saw the release of hundreds of heart-shaped balloons into the air.

More than 60 per cent of Malaysia’s 28 million people are Muslim ethnic Malays.


  • I knew the people won’t coment to this, and turn deaf ears to this advice because they would think it would distract their planned enjoyment,even if the Val should be celebrated,it should be minimal for preventing moral decaydence and untimely death from much celebration from both sides… ‘Prevention is better than cure’…

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