Woman Beats Up Son-in-law For Failing To Impregnate Her Daughter


A married man is said to have been beaten up by his mother-in-law for not being able to get her daughter pregnant.
Thembelani Dube is said to have been battered by Onzilina Mpala for failing to provide her with a second grandchild with his wife, Virginia Ndlovu.
The couple has a 3-year-old daughter and both the mother-in-law and the wife blame Dube for the lack of another child.
According to reports:

It is alleged that Dube, who has been married to Virginia for six years and has a three-year-old daughter, courted the ire of his mother-in-law after he failed impregnate the woman’s daughter for the second time. The distressed man claimed that his wife further told her mother that he was weak in bed and was therefore failing to impregnate her.
“I have been customarily married to Virginia Ndlovu for six years and we are blessed with a baby girl
aged three. She is denying me my conjugal rights and she is sleeping with other men whom she is saying are better than me. This started when I left her at our house while going to my rural home,” he said.

“When I discovered it I called her mother Onzillina Mpala to come and reprimand her but she went on to insult me saying I deserve it and was not man enough because I stayed with her daughter for six years with only one child. Sometime in September Mpala together with her other daughter, Sithabile Ndlovu, assaulted me with a stick accusing me of failing to impregnate Virginia for the second time,” he added.
In response, both Virgini and Onzillia denied the allegations with Virginia saying she called her mother to her house to play the role of a peacemaker over the marital disputes which were causing them to fight on daily basis.


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