Woman Eats Makeup On ‘My Strange Addiction’


If you’ve ever watched, or even heard of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction,” you know that people have some weird obsessions. From sucking on dirty diapers to going on a quest to look like Justin Bieber, these peculiar addictions are always drawing us in.

So how did we miss the episode about Brittoni, a 22-year-old woman who eats makeup? We’re talking palettes and palettes of eyeshadow on a daily basis. Although we all have our own cravings (pizza and French fries are always on our minds), the idea of chalky, pigmented powder on our tongues does NOT stimulate our appetites.

After Brittoni admits that she “can’t live without eating makeup,” she explains the feeling she gets when she indulges: “You can kind of imagine it just coating your insides with whatever color you’re eating — it’s like a craving of your favorite candy bar.” Her eating habits align with a sort of comfort, much like the person who finds solace in a Snickers bar.

During the episode, Brittoni recounts her day-to-day routine, which includes tasting various makeup compacts at the store before she decides to buy them. And in an effort to cover up her addiction from others, she hides makeup in her couch, freezer and even in her hair.

Like substance addiction to drugs or alcohol, Brittoni’s is very serious. With more and more studies surfacing on the dangerous chemicals found in cosmetics, Brittoni’s doctor warns that her daily ingestion of 10 compacts could lead to deadly diseases.

While it’s never easy to beat an addiction, hopefully Brittoni will consider the health risks and embark on the road to recovery.

Watch Video HERE.


  1. One Of THE Most Disgusting Things ever. Her own mother and sister eating doughnuts sprinkled with baby powder, yet they can’t understand why she would eat make-up. Talc is found in make up and baby powder. Gtfo


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