Woman Killed Her New Born Baby, Throws The Body In Dustbin


A New York woman is accused of killing her newborn baby just hours after giving birth.

Santos Elena Ruiz Solano, a 26-year-old Central Islip resident, was arrested Thursday and charged with second-degree murder, the New York Daily News reported.

Solano, seen at left, was a live-in housekeeper for the owners of a mansion in West Islip. On Feb. 16, Solano gave birth to a baby girl inside the mansion before allegedly killing the child, unbeknownst to the owners.

She is also accused of putting the baby’s body in a plastic bag and throwing it in the trash right outside the residence, according to NBC New York.

Long Island News reported that the baby suffered a fractured skull before it died.

The baby’s body was discovered after Solano went to the hospital due to complications from the birth.

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