YOBE ATTACK: Why Girls Were Spared And Only Boys Were Killed

Mass killing of school children at the Federal Government College in the Buni Yadi area of Yobe was shrouded in mystery after reports revealed that only male students were killed.


It has been learnt, however that the extremists intentionally spared the female students.

According to the officials, female students at the co-ed school were spared – and that the attackers instead told them to go home and get married and to abandon their Western education (Boko Haram – meaning “against Western education”).

It would be recalled that the attackers set a locked dormitory on fire in the early hours of Tuesday.

The terrified students escaped through the windows, they were shot and their throats were slit. Some were burned to ashes.

The massacre was followed by violent reactions by Nigerians and top politicians, urging the authorities to put an end to bloodshed in the country.


  • Why and for how long will all those things come to end. When my follow nigerians, when the great elites of nigeria, when mr presendent when when when when. Remember this was once a loving country bond in one unity….. What is happening.with the way things are happening I fear the worst that is yet to happen. if 2014 is like this then how will 2015 end……. Should we say that mr presendent is taking things to soft or he is hoping that one day things will get back as it was before now…….. Am begging you (mr presendent) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something before the whole Nigeria is wiped out please..

  • Female students were freed to go and mary who?.. The boy dey have Killed?.. there is no one left to mary, cos they have killed dem all….The idiots should hav asked dia hands in marriage. Senceless killings and dey still have the effrontery to give an advice. God is patient but when His wrath comes, He will wipe till the 4th generation. your days are numbered.

  • To say there have been unity in Nigeria is to say you’ve been blind to what have been happening. Ever since I was a child this country has never been one. The arewas are killing their selves, killing innocent little children and dragging this country to peril for what in Gods name? POWER? To rule us forever. How are we suppose to let an animal mind like like this to sit and rule human beings. It can’t be. Evil doesn’t prevail over good. This is not what koran teaches. This fools are not against western education. They should stop soiling the muslim religion n stop insulting their holy prophets. Its very shameful. Am not against revolution against our government which is but a mess. But not by the killing of our children. Be it girl or boy. Not by the killing of innocent citizens. Wake up to the light of a new day I bade’s

  • Ha ha haa,this is incredible,outrageous and terrifying,why massacre of innocent souls Boko Haram? 20bilion(USD) was missing in the govt pockect purse yet,Boko Haram insurgency on innocent citizens of the nation is flourishing by day,instead of diverting their insurgency over the cabal politicians,the looters of public treasure, they continue their resurgency in insurgency everyday old and claims the lives of masses instead. By god’s grace,your days are numbered,and nemesis will soonest catch you up(BokoHaram),an animal and bigotry people…

  • Its true igwe,u kno ds b/haram re worst than animal cos there‘s no traces of justificatn to their fight,they re against d w/eductn but they re usin weapn made by w/technology to fight innocent pple,my questn here is who ar they realy fightin D govt or the innocent? d govt shuld wake up a lot has to be done to wiped away this devils.

  • Dis is evil, is like d military Generals яε̲̣̣̣̥ gaining from d war against oko haram that is y da can’t put an end to it, i think is time for nigerian that яε̲̣̣̣̥ against d boko haram activities to pick up arms against dis evill people, may b what happen in CAR should happen in nigeria. »̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ angry

  • Please one nigeria, we pray may God Almighty guide,protect and save us from the hands of these devilish people, please let’s us pray

  • Dis b/haram are worst devil dan satan , imagine dem killin d children prophet muhammad said we should allow dem come closer to us, yet d are killin dem. Dis is nt in any way in line with islamic injunction! Too bad. Face those corrupted and non challant leaders nt innocent people strugling to survive by themself.

  • Wen are my fellow Nigerians going to start admitting it dat this presidency is a total failure? Is it not obviuos that GEJ has no clue about how to tackle terrorism? It is a big shame for our president to say publicly dat boko haram attack is our own share of global crisis. That means he has already given up on the fight. It’s high time we stand as one and ask GEJ to resign cos he has failed the whole Nigerians

    • King u must be daft to say GEJ has no clue on hw to tackle BH,has he not tried his best?why dont u bring up an idea from ur dumb head.u are saying GEJ shld resign becos of BH,is he the cause,please think well before u publish rubbish on this site

  • Dis extremist call boko haram don’t deserve to stay on of earth but they are faceless if they know they are fighting a just course let them show their ugly faces. Same reason why am stI’ll in one bush call gambaroun ngala in de name of dis idiot.God will surely reveal u guys and ur end will not be good .

  • Lookin at it differently sha…..wat if these people ar usin boko haram..as in western education is forbidden as disguise. If really,they are nt northerners killing their own self,I think they jst killed posible leaders of the north. Possible vibrant leaders of tomoorow.

  • I write to put an end to this killings, I ask God Almighty at this hour to rise to the occasion and invoke retributive justice, to this Boko Haram. God I give one week for YOU who is, has been, and will forever rain to prove if their activities are from YOU but if not otherwise. I here by declare them blind, crippled and dangerous sickness and illness. shALL GREAT THEM ALL NOW AND FOREVER IN JESUS NAME AMEN

    • Almighty Father God I release your power and decree
      psalms 35 for the killers of those innocent minors. May they be blinded, crippled and withered before seven days IJMN, Amen

  • Boko haram has surffered this nation so much, distroyed so many homes,lives etc, let us come together at this comfab to determine the faith of this nation, divison is the option now.

  • I thank GOD as @ least some of d non muslims are now understanding this whoile madness has nothing to do with islam, so dat they can help us fight our common enemy in the name of (boko haram) may the innocent soul of all massacared rest in peace amin.

  • A western news media alleged that the soldiers stationed around the school were ordered to leave the location and just a few hours after they left, the animals struck our innocent children! Now can President Jonathan and the military high command probe this heinous allegation?
    1 Who gave the order?
    2 Why was the order given?
    3 Why were all the soldiers asked to relocate instead of living some on ground?
    4 What is the relationship between withdrawal of the soldiers and this attack?
    We need sincere and answers to these questions and killing of all those implicated! These senseless killing has to stop! GEJ has come out once to tell us that there are even BH members even in his administration! He has shamelessly asserted that boko haram is our share of global terrorism! Which president on earth makes such an irresponsible statement! GEJ we need answers and solutions to these attacks and we need it now!

  • It is condemnable to see people being slaughtered in their own country owing to d heresy that some individuals want everyone to change religion. Come to think of it, what’s d real mission of BH sect? How would they justify these killing before Almighty God. we all need to pray for the very will of God to be done…Nigeria shall remain!

  • lets start killing our bad leaders i promise you all nigerian will join boko haram, plz stop killing d innocents. people. and turn our fight against looters like ministers, senates, even mr president nd his family

  • Let us take the bull by the horn. Enough is enough! Is Mr President truly the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces? Too much of innocent blood has been shed by the so-called Boko Haram. Let there be fire for fire against them since all appeals hold no water. The Federal Government (NEC/Mr President/Senate/House of Representative) should act swiftly to put a stop once and for all to this killings please

  • We should stop blaming mr president for this slaughter of all kinds and pray that God should have mercy on us. I believe that God has a way out for Nigeria reference to jeremiah 1:14-16. Peace I decree upon our country…….( Allmoney looters continuallllll….)

  • Let God ARISE! God has not changed, He is the same God who ambushed the enemies of Israel severally. #letGodarise is a divine instruction to call on God to wipe out Boko Haram! 10 minutes of prayer from 12 midnight to 12:10 am on Saturday 1st March. Wherever you are on friday night set your alarm and join at least a million voices and pray LET GOD ARISE! Bc and Rbc till a million voices arise.

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