2 Nigerian Girls Pose Nud* To Mimic Beyonce And Rihanna

mimic-beyonce-2The first photo above is by 25 year old receptionist, Faith Obae 25 who lives London. She posed as Beyonce.

She says: “A few people have told me I look like the singer, so I jumped at the chance to have a spray-paint treatment like hers.

While 26 year old Layla Elsaeh said

“Holding the pose was so difficult. They had to count me in, I’d hold it for a few minutes, then relax. “You couldn’t stay still in that pose for very long, so if Rihanna can do it, she is incredibly fit.

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I think the first girl(name sounds Nigerian) would pass for Beyonce. She rocked the pose. The 2nd girl looks really uncomfortable..

See photo below…




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