2015 ELECTIONS: Pastor Chris Reveals Who Will Become The President + What Would Happen Next

The General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, aka Liberation City, Dr. Chris Okafor, in a recent interview with Encomium Weekly revealed that President Jonathan will again win the next election, and if he doesn’t that means he wasn’t called of God.


The funky man of God also referred to as ‘Oracle of God’ is known for his many predictions. Earlier this year Prophet (Dr) Chris Okafor predicted that there will be bloodshed in Nigeria. He also predicted last year the death of the mother of Ex-governor of Lagos state Bola Tinubu and that Boko Haram would soon be a thing of the past.

On predicting Jonathan will win the 2015 election?
God has been accurate. He is a progressive and creative God.  The Bible says every secret belongs to God, He reveals in order to redeem.  There were some prophesies that were  given during our cross over night and some are still coming. I remember vividly that God gave a revelation that the NUJ should pray against untimely death among its members and if possible they should come together to pray so that danger will be averted. But not too long, while we were praying, we heard one of their editors was killed.

There was a  prophesy about plane crash and few weeks ago, a plane crash was averted through prayer. I am not a prophet of doom. Do I prophesy evil? No! God reveals to redeem. But what is the essence of revealing it and not being heard? God spoke to me exclusively that the current president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will be Nigeria’s president after 2015 general elections.

There will be a lot of battle. There will be a lot of betrayals. There will be a lot of court cases concerning his election but at the end of the day, he will still remain the president because God showed me specifically that he has been ordained to run for two terms.

God has already declared it to me. Mark what I said!  If it does not come to pass, know I’m not called of God. In the second term of President Goodluck Jonathan there will be a lot of transformation, despite battles from the opposition.

Then after Jonathan’s second term, the APC will take over.

Source: Ecomium Magazine


  1. This was the same Man that said that If Jonathan runs, there will be an event to cause the Nigerian flag to be at half mast. He said Ngige would win the Anambra elections. He lost. He said there would be blood shed on January 25.Nothing happened. Pls ignore him. He is a fraud. At least the Bible says, you shouldn’t believe such so called Prophets.

  2. Kembi u misunderstand the prophecy, watch and see wat will happen, u don’t dare God wen he speaks. Am sure ur not one of them that doesn’t want good thing in Nigeria. If u ar paid to speak against men of God not Prophet Chris Okafor cos u ar playing wit fire. U better not atract the wrath of God in ur family. The word of God say, touch not my anointing and do my prophet no harm. So becareful, wen God speaks, who ar u to make Holy ghost alier. Be warn concern the anointed, do not judge them and let God judge. Bless u.

    • Mr Okafor Blessing, you surprise me a lot. if Christ Okafor the prophet read this comment from Kembi he cannot wage this type of nuclear war u are wageing against Kembi, to start with, who is God here? Chist Okafor?
      he maybe man of God, but he is not God or u think God himself will want to Kill Kembi for his comment? no, God don’t kills in other part of the world is only in Nigeria people want God to kill for them. this man is not different from other Nigerian prophets sometime they got it right some other times they fail then what s the big deal if Jonathan wins? this is nothing. I don’t know Christ Okafor and I have never heared name like that in my life before
      but I have hear about many negative prophecy from many prophets before. till he will prophecies something like electricity will be constant in Nigeria from 2015, that security of Nigeria will be better than that of Austria or Germany, and that Nigeria will get a place UNSC, that Benin to Lagos high way will be better than Austria autobahn through Salzburg and Munich, and that Nigeria and some other African leader will no longer take dictation from USA and Eu, and that Nigeria university girls will stop hustling at nite and other positive things like that I will not fined out about him or try to know him or try to follow his prophecy. for me for now, this is not prophecy.

  3. I don’t know this man but am vary familiar with his hand sign. Believe it or not, anybody u see with such hand sign is not innocent at all, and is not a real man of God. Make ur own research.
    It’s Pathetic, many of these men show u who the serve but people are just so blind to see.

  4. Pls can’t all dis prophets tell d politicians were de ar going wrong? Let them tell us d hide out of this boko haram. Wether jonathan win or not is not my concern, my concern is good governance, people ar suffering a lot.

  5. Men of God are special. God is the Altimate One, however. He is most accurate and that at all times. But pls, men me God should try not to allow their emotions to push them too far. You need not say that if a prophecy doesnt come to pass that God has not called you. Your calling, in the first place, was not based on the work you would do. Mind you, between now and that time, God might have another better and bigger assignment for Jonathan. God is not someone you can tame using formulae like calculus or integration. Remember, Jonah’s time. God has the final say. What I mean is that dont swear at all. That statement is very close to swearing. Bible forbids it. Just say the message, and leave it at that. It’s for you to say and it’s for God to do. Simple. Even if you or any one thinks that the prophecy fails, thats not ur business. Go back to God for more prophecies and pls dont stay put on what you dont have the power to do. God bless you men me God.

  6. since the man of GOD made predictions and not prophecy,we have right to oppose/agree with him where neccesory. but everybody knows that jonathan will win the 2015 election even without prediction due to our understanding towards the event that had been ravling since the northerners vowed to make jonathans goverment ungovernable.however,the north are the problem of this country.as for apc group nigeria is not for them afterall we are dew for disintergration we should divid after jonathans tenor

  7. Nigeria will divide if GEj win or loose am tire of us being one no job no water no light there be bloodshed that will lead to division no be prophecy na true talk we are not one I don tire make we divide oooo

  8. God is in his temple let everybody b quite. he is God who can stand to his equal no1 . Nigeria can only b changed by God ruling people Nt Pdp Nt apc Nt any party, bt a person wit a heart like God. God blex Nigeria

  9. I believe this prophecy that gej was destined to rule for two terms thereafter APC will take over. that was why yaradua had to die for gej to be in power for two terms. his 2nd term had witnessed transformation I.e 3political party became 1. God is wonderful.

  10. Am tired of Nigeria, their is no unity. Jonathan nor buhari becoming the president is not an issue. It is high time Nigeria separate to avoid more blood shed. Innocent people are dieing because of our government selfish interest. Pastors should stay away from politics. What they should focus more on is praying for the nation. If truelly they are called by God. Let them save Nigerians by taking them to the promise land. God uses Moses to save Israelites. He took them to the promise land. Pastor should also focus more on poverty and this should start from the Church ⛪. Let positive be positive and their will be no contradiction. Fact, Christians & Muslims in Nigeria are not unite. They make me get discouraged over religion, everybody claiming to be the best. At list they should talk more on unity. Rather everybody is fighting for their selfish interest. Nigerians, open ur eyes, say the truth, vote wisely and avoid fighting. We are one Nigeria.