2015: Jonathan Will Be A Walk-Over For APC

jona-apcCommissioner for Water Resources in Yobe State, Alhaji Sidi Yakubu Karasuwa, has declared that President Goodluck Jonathan will be an easy walk-over for the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the 2015 general elections and hoped that the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, would field him as its candidate.

Karasuwa said: “Actually as far as we are concerned, personally I will prefer Jonathan to contest. Why? Because, he is the one we can easily beat because he has done so many things that he cannot be marketable.

“There are a lot of things under this administration of Jonathan that one can tell Nigerians and it is not something hidden. See the corruption in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and all over the place. Today, hundreds of billions of dollars are gone; tomorrow is the same; next tomorrow is still the same? Look at his Petroleum Minister who is spending over N10billion just for chartering aircraft. What about the tragedy recently at the Immigration recruitment? The list is endless.

“So, politically talking, politics is about presenting the score card of the present administration for you to criticise or support; so, we in APC have so many things now at hand that we can present to Nigerians and tell them that Jonathan is not competent to rule this country.

“I heard some time that PDP wants to make him a consensus candidate and if that happens, we will have an upper hand. As far as APC is concerned, the contest will be a walk-over for us”.


  1. i pray PDP to mistakenly present GEJ as its presidential candidate come 2015 general elections.
    it will spell doom for their 16-year-old bad governance.

  2. 2015 will tell, electorates will determine. Even your leaders for APC knows it a very tall dream. Who are you? comissioner. You aren’t even in the score card. whether APC like it or not. GEJ is our man. PDP is our party

  3. APC keep creating probles in this contry & when you do, you call on GEJ to carm your trobles down. Keep creating a mornstar that will soon distroy you.


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