5 Health Benefits Of Taking Soy!


Soy protein is a high-quality, complete protein with a variety of health benefits.
Soy is the name for anything made from the soybean, a grain native to Asia, but whose world production is led by the United States. A versatile bean, it can be processed into an impressive assortment of different foodstuffs and oils.

Soy is a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids that the body needs. It offers the same protein content as meat, minus the fat and cholesterol.
is soy good for you?

Besides having a complete protein profile, soy has no artery-wrecking cholesterol and whatever little fat it has, it’s the unsaturated, healthier kind.
But that’s not all. Soy has been scientifically proven to have all kinds of health benefits. Here’s a breakdown of them:

Soy is good for the heart
In one study, soy is found out to be heart friendly and is a good substitute for meat products with its protein and no cholesterol characteristic. Soy, which is rich in fiber, helps reduce bad cholesterol and has isoflavones that produce nitric oxide that in turn dilates the blood vessels and reduce the pressure along the vessel walls so that you can keep a healthy heart pumping. Besides, soy is a very good source of protein compared to saturated fat foods that are to blame for coronary diseases.

Soy is good for women
Soy is naturally rich in isoflavones. Soy actually has three types of isoflavones: Daidzen, Genistein, and Glycitein. Daidzein helps promote menopausal comfort and is actually helpful to keep women from suffering osteoporosis at a later age. Genistein is basically responsible in lessening menopausal discomfort or what most women know as hot flushes. So if you want to keep those hot flushes away, a glass of soy milk in your diet or tempeh perhaps would do for you.

Soy is good for avoiding cancer
Unlike what other people think, soy has positive effects when it comes to regulating cell growth. A regulated cell growth count is pertinent to protecting someone against various types of cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer. Eating plenty of soy has been proven to lower the risks of breast cancer among Asian women from several studies taken. The lower cancer rates are given as a result of the Asian diets which is high with soy content.

Soy promotes healthy bones
Statistical studies in Asia found that soy prevents the loss of bone tissue in postmenopausal women, reducing osteoporosis. But men can also profit from soy, since it keeps bones strong and resistant to mineral loss. It has also been associated with decreased arthritis.

Soy helps maintain colon health
Colon cancer is one of the most common causes of death involving the digestive tract. While no scientific study offers definitive claims that soy prevents colon cancer, it plays a part in keeping general digestive tract health, which includes the colon. A study with colon cancer survivors found that soy intake reduced the cancer’s proliferation.

Sports Nutrition
Soy protein is a critical ingredient in sports nutrition products because it is a widely available, complete, high-quality protein.


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