6 Signs that Your Prince Charming Might Be a Predator

article-20143695172519045000So, you met a charming man, and he does everything to make you feel special. But, at the back of your mind you are facing one puzzling question- “is it too good to be true?” Do you keep wondering- “What makes him so good? Why does he keep flattering me? What’s the catch?”
While it might be your own anxieties or past experiences that might be pushing you towards thinking like this, it would be a bad idea to let go of all these questions without running a careful check. You never know whether the love is authentic or just an insubstantial connection. So ladies, here are some red flags that would help you to see whether he truly loves you or just sees you as an unassuming and easy prey

1. The Dirty Talk-Meter
Those naughty “somethings” whispered in your ears are fine as long as they are sweet to hear. Phrases like “You look hot!” and “You really smell nice today” can still be pulled off. But if he is getting filthy, with his remarks being laced with sexual undertones, we suggest you a sneaky little test.

Just ask him in a casual tone- “What would you like me to do to you?” Just watch the words he uses, and demands he adds. If he gets cheesy and inappropriate, a foul play is surely on. So, it is time to run away!

2. Too good with actions

He truly loves you and that may have drawn out the good in him, but again you may be in for a heartbreak if he constantly behaves like a picture-perfect hero straight out of a book or a movie. It might be unreal if he is sweeping you off your feet all the time by being excessively good.

Sidestep and stop falling for artistic flattery. Re-examine your relationship with him before falling in love. An honest lover may forget to wish you on your birthday, but will always be there to pick up the shattered pieces. But a cheat will earn your trust only to manipulate you. So, be aware!

3. Has a way with words

Do receive the praises graciously with a smile, but be aware if they are there all the time and doled out freely. A predator would use compliments to catch an unassuming prey. He is nothing more than a needy boyfriend who will amazingly change his colours once you submit yourself to his influence.

If you feel that the compliments are flowing far too freely, then there might be something shady about him. It is time to realise those fake admirations, and rubbish them. Start judging if his feelings are genuine or is he just trying to take an advantage of the situation by exciting you.

4. Unending romantic moments

He is playing the game well if he is able to fascinate you with sudden romantic and heart-melting moments. Romantic intimacy in a relationship can be understood. But if he belongs to the breed of men who use intimacy to feed sexual needs, then you might be the victim.

Romance has an easily stepped-over line with many other things that might end up making you an easy prey. When he is trying to serenade you with his romantic moves, keep your eyes open to observe his body language. See how close he is trying to get to you, and if is he making you uncomfortable with his actions?

5. Little White lies
Little white lies’ and ‘sweet nothings’ are okay to hear at times, but if you happen to catch many, it is surely a sign for you to be on your guard. We are not putting you on a mission, but what is the harm in interpreting his lies? There are guys who are forever on the prowl, so if you ever catch a lie, do not treat it carelessly.

Step back and track him down secretly. It is just about shielding yourself to foil his (wrong) efforts at every turn. Watch out for further lies and be prepared to face such rakes. There is always a lesson to teach if you find him messing with your emotions.

6. Sacrificing factor

It might appear romantic, but it is not usual if he is always on a self-sacrificing spree. The statement may seem unfair, but there is no harm in being cautious. Real love is open, candid and from the heart. So in a healthy relationship, it is unreal to compromise all the time.
You are courting danger if he is always foregoing and forgiving. All he might want to do is gain an upper hand. If it is true love, you should know for what reasons he is being cooperative all the time.
So ladies, keep your mind open even when you feel your heart taking over your senses. Just watch out for these signs to find your true prince charming and get rid of the fake ones!

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