Abandoned Child Is Now An Undergraduate (PHOTO)

A child who was abandoned by his parents at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Twenty years ago, today has a different story to tell.


Chidinma Sunday

Fast forward, the abandoned child, Chidinma Sunday is now a student of the Ben Idahosa University, Benin, Edo State where he recently got admission to study English Language.

Sunday who was found with a note when he was discovered indicating his parents had no money to take care of him was admitted at LUTH on 24 March, 1994 after being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and paralyzed from the waist down.

Chidinma who attended primary and secondary schools through the assistance of well meaning Nigerians got help from a Nigerian(anonymous) who read his article online and decided to foot his University bills.

Sources disclosed that LUTH management provided medical care and an enabling environment for him to return to the hospital whenever he was on holiday.

He left LUTH finally on 26 September, 2013 in company of a medical social worker to start a new life in the university.

Chidinma who is so excited and hopeful about this new phase of his life matriculated on the 29 November, 2013.

According to him “I am excited about overcoming my challenges. I thank LUTH and other Nigerians for their support”.


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