Actress Queen Nwokoye Shares Picture Of Her Twin Sons

Actress Queen Nwokoye is a mother of twins… The actress was on a movie set with her two boys
few days ago and shared this photo of her and her kids via Instagram. Queen is a proud
mother of twins! I’m sure some of you are surprised…


  1. Surprise is an understatement o.Never knew she was even married let alone having grown up kids like this.A̶̲̥̅♏ happy før u girl

  2. I love your movies, you were born on august in 11th why I was born on august 3rd 2006 I love ugomma and english your sons may be my mate or am I older then them I wish you merry christmas and. New year I have a twin brother

  3. True igbo lady,so proud of our dialect•God has blessed you & will continue to bless your family.Bravo to your handsome sons,they will make you proud.

  4. Queen, I respect u so much beyond the ebbing frame of my personal ardour. u are indeed mother of handsome replicated sons and I am very proud of u especially acting in our Igbo dialect. God bless u

  5. Queen Nwokoye is indeed a queen…… she’s my woman crush especially when acting in her local dialect. she can blow Igbo for d universe. I salute u mother of ejima…. lolzz

  6. eeeeh mama,u re too much,wen i just wach ur movis tittle OJUKWU D WAR LORD nne infact u re indeed an igbo girl,i also want to cngratulat u for bring up ur kids,bcs ur boy can act, lik mom lik son, dere is a film he act dat touchs me,nd i dn even no dat he is ur son cngrat.


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