[Advice Needed] Will My Sister Develop Emotions For My Husband If I Allow Her To Work As His PA?

This is a story of a woman who has expressed her worries over her younger sister working with her husband and needs advice.


My husband is suggesting that my young sister become his Personal Assistant as she has been out of school now without a job.

But am skeptical about that knowing that the job would afford her to be too attached to my husband which can result to emotions building up.

Is my reservation in order or should I just allow it?


  1. In the first place you got married to a man you don’t trust. Now, if he has never made passes at her as far as you know, then let her work with him – and give her strict warning that anything that appears to be attraction between them will find her leaving the house without delay. If possible. He should let her be someone else’s PA instead of his. That’s what I think.

  2. My sis,asking or beeing careful doesnt mean u dnt trust ur husb.why wait till the deed is done?guide against it,it could breed emotion btwn them,we ar humans


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