After I’m Dead, I Will Haunt You Day & Night – Girl Kills Herself After Her Boyfriend Dumped Her (PHOTOS)

A 20-year-old girl has killed herself by jumping off a building after her ex-boyfriend she was so madly in love with broke up with her.


The 20 year old Chinese girl, Jojo Tsa who got disappointed and unable to move on with her life after her ex-boyfriend she had centred her life around and had also promised to marry and have a family with her broke her heart saying his mother would not approve of them getting married.

She could not handle the betrayal by her ex, she posted an emotional message in Chinese on her Instagram page with pictures of her burning stuffs from the relationship, her ex-boyfriend and a photo of her before jumping off the roof of a building.

Jojo’s translated messages read:

“It’s been 12 days since the break up. I’ve gone out, had meals and watched movies with all sorts of guys, some of whom were more handsome than you are. Others are richer than you. I say this only to prove that it isn’t that I can’t find guys better than you. It’s just that my heart is unable to accept anyone else. Every time I go out with them, I end up crying. I force myself to smile, I tell myself ‘the most important thing is to be happy.’ In the end I can’t change my heart.

“Life has been so miserable these past few days. I want to forget all of this, to control my mood and not be crying painfully late at night every night, but I can’t do it, there’s nothing I can do. All of this is too unfair to me, I can’t bear it. I don’t understand why did you give me so many promises? All of it was a lie. In my life, I haven’t done any [seriously] bad things, so why subject me to this kind of torment?

I cannot forget it, unless I die. I never thought that you would deceive me, but I still can’t stop loving you. After I’m dead, I will haunt you day and night. I will never be apart from you again. 



  • This is ridiculous! This is very crazy!
    I wasn’t wrong when deep down in my thoughts I communed with myself and concluded that “Love Is Actually A World Where Everyone in It is Crazy!”
    Imagine d lady ended her life out of being fraustrated for love’s sake? Though I’ve experienced something similar and almost ran mad,that didn’t warrant ending my life. For God’s sake there people out their who would have benefited immensely from U;who actually needed ur Love.
    Hmmm! As for the guy,d lady has given demons an oppourtunity to torment him;she has actually opened up the way for demons to make life miserable for him.Trust them na!
    She is dead quite alright,but demons will use her form to torment him.That’s the principle behind it.(1st Samuel 28).
    Don’t do crazy things for love’s sake.Love with your heart but always consult your brain!
    May God have mercy.Amen!

  • Well its too bad u couldnt bear it;i wish u did an it would hav just been a matter of time, even dou u wunt forget,u will get past it. I wish people will tink beyound themselves before acting. The selfishness of man, have continue to cause hurt,unhappiness,saddness an so on to their fellow humans. Life is gud but beyound human comprehension. God help us. My heart goes out to u,pls let ur soul rest, an leav vengance to God.

  • Waoooo! Painful but she should have reason & tink if both of them are really ment to be together b4 she act & have enuogh hope to keep her hrt lookin 4ward to her soulmate. Well may her soul rest in peace.

  • Nothing can heal the burning pain, can live like dead, the unbearable pain may be more than Hiroshima or Nagasaki atom bomb expulsion. It is the best to end the life than all moments of life burning down. Jojo Tsa is brave enough, and God bless her.

  • I cnt help but cry after reading her final words. It brings me to the knowledge that true love exist not only on movies but those who loves truly are sometime not lucky to find their perfect match. Jojo is really brave. May God bless her with eternal rest. Amen!

  • firstly I want to say that I feel very very sorry for her ..may her soul rest in peace..I too have experience that pain..this is not a story..I swear on the almighty god…I want to the main road and wanted the lorry to run over me..but I was coward..for that very moment..I cryed my heart out…I remember calling my friend..and she console and advise me…that helped me… That was when I was in one year relationship…now I am still with the same man…till today I treat him like a king…cook the best everything..without any pain..I have even learn to be humble..even he talk with other woman..I don take it aas an issue…I believe that true love last forever…its not easy to maintain…u have to have the patience..tolerance..humbleneşs and be there for the good..bad..worse situation…. Loving someone who u love so much ..u are more luckier than someone loving u…. Woman heart is such…

  • This is absolt nonscence ,she wouldnt hv done dat.just a mttr of time, she wud hv gone over it. well, ignorant as said, is a very severe disease.

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