Assemblies of God’s Church suspends General Superintendent over alleged fraud


The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church, Rev. Paul Emeka, has been suspended from the church over allegations of misconduct, highhandedness and financial misappropriation in the administration of the church, National Mirror reports.

Speaking to newsmen in Owerri, Imo State, the acting General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor, disclosed that the decision to suspend the former GS was taken at the just concluded meeting of the General Committee held on Thursday March 6, 2014, in the Conference Hall of the National Secretariat, Enugu, after the committee had deliberated on the implications of his action on the image of the church worldwide.

But ever since the authorities took the decision to suspend the GS, tension had continued to mount in the church as members were divided over the suspension. While some members on the side of the suspended General Superintendent felt that the authorities were highhanded in their action, others particularly the church authorities maintained that the church had degenerated to its lowest ebb since the administration of the suspended leader. In a letter dated March 6, 2014 titled “Re: Rev. Prof. Paul Emeka, former General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Nigeria” and signed by Rev. Dr. John Ikoni, Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor and Rev. Dr. Vincent Alaje; the General Secretary, Acting General Superintendent and General Treasurer respectively, they maintained that their decision to suspend the former GS was hinged on the constitution which the GS acted against by dragging the church to court without first bringing his grievances to both the General Committee and the Executive committee members.

The church also accused the former General Superintendent of being autocratic, and involved in financial mismanagement; abuse of power and “above all took the church to court which tantamount to tarnishing the image of the church and bringing it to public ridicule.” While calling on members of the church to stop relating with Rev. Paul Emeka as GS of the church, the committee maintained that he had “ ceased to function in any of the duties assigned to the Office of the General Superintendent in the Constitution and Bye- Laws of the General Council of Assemblies of God, Nigeria, with effect from Thursday March 6, 2014.” The committee warned: “ Should any administrative unit(s) or minister(s) or member(s) of Assemblies of God, Nigeria, relate with the former General Superintendent in any way that is contrary to the established practice for all such cases in Assemblies of God, Nigeria, such administrative unit(s) or minister(s) or member(s) would be doing so to their own detriment, and would attract commensurate disciplinary measure by the Executive Committee or the General Officers of Assemblies of God, Nigeria.”

In a swift reaction, the suspended General Superintendent, however, said that those allegations were targeted at discrediting him, adding that those who are championing the suspension issue are doing so because of their selfish and parochial interests. “Some leaders at the top of the hierarchy of the Assemblies of God who are championing this to achieve their political and leadership ambition may be happy now that they are serving their purpose, but they will be shamed,” the embattled cleric said.

Source: National Mirror


  1. All the Assemblies of God Churches nation wide are watching you with Suprises on their faces,
    Was this what you preached from the pulpit in the International School of Ministry (ISM) at Opoto from 12th -16th of August 2013? when you gathered all the Pastors and made them to weep on the alter after your message Titled “Pursuit of Ministry or Position”?.
    Are you doing what you said or saying what you do?.
    Is this the Christ that we are preaching to the ones we call Sinners?
    The lord allowed you to be Leaders in Assemblies of God Church and He is coming back again for you to give account of how you led the church He handed over to you.
    The church is praying for you to repent and we will see it as a mistake which is human. but if you refuse to repent. God Himself will fight for the church. Be warned and advised.

    • Both d EC and d accused GS should bring d chuch to d round table and lets know what is wrong. Remember dat some may be accused for anything while d opponent fights for a different thing.

  2. our leaders pls u pple re bringin shame 2 our faces at d local churches. Oda denominatns re laughin at us. Lead us dnt rule us.

  3. Let’s just pray for our leaders. A lot of things have gone wrong, ranging from our local churches, districts and general council… Our church (AG) needs God now like never before… How are the mighty fallen. Let’s get back to the basics because as I said earlier, things have really fallen apart in our church before now. Blessings!

  4. our leaders should know that this work belong to God and they are to handel it care,the church at this point are exected pray for our leader and to take sidefor i know that the owner of the will intervene

  5. our leaders should know that this work belong to God and they are to handel it care,the church at this point are exected pray for our leader and to take not side for i know that the owner of the will intervene

  6. our leaders should know that this work belong to God and they are to handel it care,the church at this point are exected pray for our leader and to take not side for i know that the owner will intervene

  7. Well, its very unfortunate that our church leaders are now becoming more interested in politics than spirituality. Allegations and counter allegations! The best of preachers now looking for shortcut to power. Why not allow the man who has not performed to leave through the same process he came in? Why allowing this shame and embarrassment on the innocent worshipers who contribute the same money that is tearing the house apart? PLEASE, you should all go back to your bible. SHORT CUT TO POWER IS LIKENED TO BLOOD MONEY THAT WILL GIVE NO LASTING JOY.

  8. Anyway it quite unfortunate dat dis can apen in Assemblies of God churc,wich means d end time has come.not only in enugu there is srios politics in AG now,pipu r sriosly fightin tu attain power by force,now dere is campaign b4 eletion tu any office……… Its unfair,pls du wot u teach us in d bible u r not leadin us ryt again, al u r after is power and money infact here is worst! W sriosly need change of power here cos no improvemnt in dis district since I was born in AG, w need young pastor as our leader not dis old skul without vision and ambition again…. Like sriosly AG is lacking behind among oda churches….. May God elp us oooo… Dou proud tu b an AG member

  9. AG leaders wot is hapening oooo. The only thing dat can solve dis problem is to stop remiting any fund to the General council. More so power shud b decentralized. The problems of our leaders is too much money. No more fund raise. imargin local churches in tatch houses raising money for general council, this is y every one wants to b there since tne G.S equal to Mr. president of the federal republic of Nigeria. God hv mercy

  10. The Executive Committee is the highest ruling body in AG, Nigeria with the suspended GS as only one member and with only one vote, Can 14 members of Executive Committee all go wrong??? The retired Generals also all voted against one man….. Would the retired Generals all go wrong??? The retired EC members in the entire federation also voted against one man…… Will the retired Executive Council Members in the entire Nigeria all go wrong???……and only one member of the Executive Committee being the suspended person be right against the entire cabinet???…………Others wrong????….. On March 6, 2014, the General Assembly was summoned to look into this matter. They asked for facts and papers, but the man in question did not show up to defend himself, the entire General Assembly which is AG appeal court consisting of the largest body of laity and clergy ALL in unison suspended the same man…??????……… GOD HELP US HERE……………. I thank God Assemblies of God Nigeria is a Spirit led church and has such a strong Constitution. The same explanation the church sought for and called several meetings, it did not get is now being said over the media and internet as a one sided story by only one man against ALL others and who are not on the social media to answer….????? ,,,,AG is not a one man Church and would never become a one man led church. ………Holy Ghost! …thou..founder of AG, We urge you to please bring your church to where you want it. We already see your hand in AG and we know, we shall come out of this stronger and more revived. In Jesus dear name. Amen!!!

  11. Who arranged the near assassination attempts of Dr. Chidi Okorafor acting Superintendent of AG?
    Who killed his escort, who died on the spot?
    Who attacked and shot Rev Dr Charles Osueke retired General Superintendent?
    The same culprit and his supporters are being exposed.
    Oh God please continue to purge AG Nigeria of all criminals in the clothes of Pastors.
    AG is your church. Dis is your church. Come quickly and take your saints home,

  12. Wonders shall never end.i cnt believe dis cud happed in A.G .during de dayz of retired rev dr osueke,we did not encounter this kind of story.let us careful coz heaven is real.

  13. It is not time to take side but time to pray for our beloved Church, AG. A lot of things are going wrong not just at the GC level, but even at District, Section, and Local levels : Campaigning and Rigging of Elections by senior ministers, Highmindedness, unforgiveness, hatred to mention these few. The Sacred is becoming worse than secular in politics and scandal. Wordliness has eating deep into our fabrics. The younger ones are watching us. God have mercy and take us back from where we started in Jesus name. A….m…n.

  14. i felt much,when i see mothers acting like children ,the mother of penticosters have brought sheam to her children,what can we preach to them and how can we annoce jesus to them,pls leaders, lead us to heaven not hell,becaouse the owner of church is no longer on the way.but at the door of his church.and am praying earnestly to you fathers,god will see you people 2ru. amen

  15. Am realy ashamed of AG. Hw can u kill d poor and take position? U hav fleets of sheep and cattles but all you could do is to go afta d only lamb wich a poor man carries around on his poor bare body. Shame of u covetious set of people. I wept as I heard dat pst. Chinedu Uba led a team of people to destroy d haus of a poor widow -mrs Chineazu who ran to her yrs b4 he -pst Chinedu Uba- joined AG, dat he should pray for her dat AG people want to covet d only haus @ 6, & 6b & 8 Anozie str mile 2 diobu PH wich her late husband bequeted to her for d maintenance n raising of their children. Pst Uba did pray for her n assured her dat her property was protected by God, only to turn around n lead d group dat demolished n laid claims over d said property. Oh wht a shame. C d extent of power tussle amongs u. Hw r d mighty fallen? May God repay u in ur own coin. Unless God does nt exist, u shall build n anoda wud legally covet. U shall plant n anoda will harvest. U pst Chinedu, u shall not know peace of mind until u retrace back to d place u first failed. As much as u made dat old poor widow cry, both u n ur entire family shall also cry over ur property wich som one more stronger than u wud also covet frm u. Tnx

  16. Pride, position and power have turn our leaders into law breakers. Thereby breaking all they swore to uphold. Our leaders must return to God.

  17. I am sad with this action taken. there should be better way of resolving this problem. Lets allow the Holy spirit to have his way. I love A G. lets be prayerful.

  18. Well, only God knows the truth, but I am not suprised because, this is the fulfilment of the bible concerning the end time, if prof emeka is guilty, let him simply repent and confess and God will forgive him but if any man or group of people are trying to humiliate him for any selfish or church political intrest, let there be a confesion before the anger of God. Let no body jump into conclussion, let’s pray and ask God to fight any injustice . God bless t all.

  19. Assemblies Of God is one of d churches I like though not a member. The unity, love, togetherness & oneness AG is known for has fizzled away.
    Let me crave ur indulgence, wat is happening in AG now is not Spirit filled. It is a direct attack from the pit of hell.
    The enemy wud always want us to fight ourselves. Now the question is, now that u are busy fighting urselves, who ‘ll then fight d devil.
    I know that a MOTHER CHURCH like AG has intercessors & I believe d only thing dey ought to do, is to enter d LABOUR ROOM of prayer dat ‘ll gv birth to d REVIVAL dat was evident in AG.
    D grand history of d Asuza street REVIVAL is incomplete if AG is not mentioned but now where is d faith dey uphold.
    Let us not be like d foolish Galatians who started in d spirit & ended in d flesh.
    Dis is d time d world should learn from d CHURCH d manifold wisdom of God.
    I’m praying 4 d revival of d Apostolic Christian Experience in d body of Christ.
    D worst dat can happen to a believer is 4 d person to opened himself as a channel thru which d devil enters d church.
    D once embattled Roman catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo in one of his journals said ” D Smoke Of Satan has entered d church, Papal’s Rome has become pagan’s Rome “. May it not b d same with AG church. Pls let’s pray 4 d unity of believers & let us strive 4 peace so dat we ‘ll not b our own Boko Haram. SHALOM….Pst. Frank Nwachukwu (PH)


  21. These things has to happen 4 d fulfilment of d scripture. My fomer GS and d incumbent leaders please lets remember what d bible said “dat many will say to him remember lord i prophesied with ur name, we hv to b careful bcus many socalled ministers are lyk a sighnboard dat stand to direct people yet they hv rusted without knowing. Ask ur selves are my working 4 heaven or in heaven. Be ye dowers of d word and not speakers only deceiving ur selvs. Remain bleesed as heaken to d lords word. Thanks!

  22. Stop condemning the man of God! Let anyone of you that has no sin keep condemning him! Oh! Lord strenghthen Him the more that He might not fall…… What all of us needs is the Grace of the Almighty God; “it could have been you” one thing I do, forgeting those things which are behind and reaching forth to those things which are before me.

  23. Thou God of heaven AG is your church continue the good work you have already started by exposing all the criminals in sheep clothing.all the EC members can never be wrong at the same time.we need you oh God of heaven to purge our church,cleanse and make us ready in your kingdom above in Jesus name amen.

  24. I can prove this evidence .
    A Reverend pastor due for retirement in november 2014 named FIDELIES IJOGO ABOYI of Assemblies of God Church, Benue district,Oye oboru oju L.G.C. Has committed the following,
    (1) he sent hired assassins to kill and destroy the orchard belonging to a pensioner MR EMMANUEL ODE in utukpo-Gabu, unfortunately one of the assailant was caught of the same church named GOWIN ONAH in utukpo.
    (2) he went as far as using fetish powers on the orchard.
    Questions: somebody that is suppose to win souls , what LEGACY has he left for future believers?.
    FROM INNOCENT ONAH UTUKPO GABU C.R.S. Number (08126136342)

  25. But majority can be wrong. how can they accuse Rev Paul Emeka d same day, try him d same day, and sentence him d same day without even hearing from him? where is equity and justice in AG? but if Rev Emeka did not attend that meeting, why did they NOT give him another chance to defend him self? this is premeditated and bias ploy. oh God save us from d crowed that might be wrong ! Leb


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