Boko Haram Threatens To Attack Maiduguri Barracks

Borno State – Boko Haram have issued a written warning to the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army alleging they would attack Maimalari Barracks on Friday, March 21 (today).

boko haram cont

According to sources, the insurgents sent the letter to the military through one of the drivers who managed to get through tight security. The letter was written in the Hausa language.

The security measures are beefed up in the Maimalari Barracks that accomodate the 7th Infantry Division of the Artillery Corps, the Ordinance, the Signal, Engineering and other crucial units of the Army in Maiduguri.

Although some security agents described the letter only as a means to instill fear among the soldiers, they are battle-ready to retaliate if need be.

It would be recalled that over 350 insurgents were killed and a number of Nigerian Army soldiers injured in the latest Boko Haram attack Giwa Barracks, the Headquarters of the 21 Artillery Brigade on March 15, 2014.


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