Boko Haram’s ‘Human Butcher’ Captured

Boko Haram terrorists

Nigerian security forces operating with the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) Friday captured suspected terrorists, including one described as “Boko Haram’s lead specialist in human butchery” as they continue their offensive against the insurgents along Nigeria’s border with Chad.

A dusk attack by the terrorists in their bid to overrun markets in communities in the outskirts of Monguno and NNPC at New Marte, Borno State along the border with Chad, was also repelled by the MNJTF.

The Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen Chris Olukolade who disclosed the capture of the “human butcher’ in a statement yesterday added that over 50 assorted brands of grenades and 11 AK 47 rifles were recovered from the fleeing terrorists.

He revealed that cordon and search operations are ongoing at the general area while heightened patrols are continuing.

Meanwhile, he said, interrogation of captured terrorists from various locations had been yielding useful information as to their mode of operations.
“Among those in custody is a lead specialist in butchering human beings who insists he does not use firearms but daggers and cutlasses for his assignment”, he said.

In the same vein, Olukolade said that troops on stop and search patrol yesterday afternoon in Maiduguri arrested a man suspected to be a terrorist with an unprimed Improvised Explosive Device (IED), who was undergoing further interrogation as at the time of reporting.

The Defence Spokesman further revealed that more assaults and encounters are continuing in other identified locations as intelligence sources confirm the routes being used by the fleeing terrorists.

“Troops have been directed to sustain aggressive patrols in certain areas where terrorists’ actions are anticipated,” he added.


  • Its really unfair of u to react this way,you are among the many that weakens the urge and tempo of these soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the interest and peace of the country. Can u carry gun, do u think the course is easy? U have to praise and encourage is easy for u to call the information FAKE,what single contribution have u put in, either by way of academic exvellence or innovativeness, NONE! I presume u r one of these cheap APC sponsored fellow that goes around assasinating and castigating the transformation induced by our able president… Please crave out time to verify ur information before hastily concluding…. I HATE UR Type. Fool! the pnd(

  • More strenght to the Nigerian army and other security agents.Pls do more of your best. God will give you more victories over this evil called boko haram

  • As the campaign against insurgence is in progress , the security forces should go after their sponsors who are using our oil to fight us. These northern leaders are diverting the oil to fund the attack at the same time accusing the government of not doing enough to stop the insurgence and fuel scarcity.

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