British Girl Defends Dencia, Says Nicki, Beyonce Bleached Their Skin

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A British lady — Ruby Monroe, has shot a 3:45 minutes video titled ‘Hair hats are in no moral position to judge Dencia’ to defend Dencia bleaching her skin.
She says practically all black female singers have bleached their skins naming Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Janet Jackson.
She says: –
“Anybody who wears a hair and I wear a hair myself is in no position to be critical of Dencia. I don’t believe in skin bleaching myself but what is the moral difference between bleaching and wearing non-African hair because Asian people has this kind of hair, latino people have this kind of hair, it may not be latina but it is certainly not wearing African hair in their head….
Nicki minaj has clearly bleached her skin, Beyonce definitely lightened her skin. I can think of four other singers…Janet Jackson, I love the Jacksons, Janet Jackson  has bleached her skin,  there is no way she hasn’t. dencia is honest about it. If you have a hair hats in your head, you are in no moral position to judge dencia.
As I said I don’t bleach my skin, I’m a natural black skin girl, this is my natural colouration, but there is no moral difference between bleaching your skin and wearing a weave or wigs. Dencia I got your back.”
See video below: –



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