CAN Kicks Against Establishment Of Grazing Reserves, Says It’s Grand Plan To ‘Islamise’ Nigeria

ORITSEJAFOR-ayo,Sultan,OloyedeThe Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has rejected the proposal by the National Economic Council, NEC, to establish grazing reserves across the country as a panacea to the frequent clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers in various parts of the country, which has resulted in thousands of deaths and destruction of farmlands and their produce.

Reacting to a news report that the Federal Government had approved the constitution of a committee headed by the Adamawa State Governor, Murtala Nyako, to work out the modalities for establishing grazing reserves across the country, CAN National President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor said such proposal was absolutely unacceptable to the Christian community which has been at the receiving end of what he termed a grand plan to “Islamise” Nigeria.

Information Nigeria reports that the proposal to establish grazing reserves across the federation was part of decisions taken at the end of the NEC meeting presided over by Vice President Namadi Sambo yesterday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

According to the CAN helmsman, the activities of Fulani herdsmen is another dimension of the terrorist group, Boko Haram, warning that if President Goodluck Jonathan accepts the proposal, he should be prepared to face the repercussions.

Oritsejafor warned that Christians in the country will not fold their arms while the Federal Government unilaterally hand over their farmlands to Fulani herdsmen for grazing reserves, which will in a few years will be converted to Hausa-Fulani emirates with emirs across the nation.

He said: “Is there any other tribe in this country that can do these things for three years running now and get away with it? This culture of impunity must stop. The best way to tackle clashes between Fulani herdsmen and farmers head on is for the Federal Government to first and foremost investigate the source of arms supply to the herdsmen before the clashes grow out of control.

“Two, we must establish grazing reserves for them in their own locale where the government can establish modern facilities, including schools, hospitals and such facilities that will make life conducive for them and their families bearing in mind that in other nations of the world, cows are not on parade on highways as we have here”, he lamented.

The head of Christians in Nigeria expressed regrets that certain leaders of the same tribe could hold a press conference where they accused the government of Benue State of masterminding the mayhem that has left hundreds of people dead in that state, noting “and Police did not arrest them. They were actually admitting that they sent these people and yet Police let them go.

“Except somebody is being economical with the truth, there is nowhere in the civilized world where cattle rearers walk long distances with cows on the streets. All across Europe and America, cow owners have permanent settlements, where they graze and slaughter their cows while refrigerated vehicles take the meat to different parts of the country for distribution”, he stated.

The no-nonsense preacher implored President Jonathan to find out why nobody had been prosecuted despite the huge number of casualties recorded in clashes in Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Delta, Edo, Ondo and several parts of the country, insisting that you don’t solve a hydra-headed monster like Fulani herdsmen by ordering the takeover of people’s land across the country where they perpetrate more havoc in the hinterlands.



  1. Of all the blabbing made by the CAN head, the only point taken is the investigation as to how arms are smuggled in or. How the allegged Fulani herds men are armed. As to the government islamizing the nation (big joke). As to Benue state governmnet releasing the suspects (am sure u know its a christain state). As to being a leader of CAN (you talk too much and unreasonable). As to US and europe example (a very welcome suggestion, alas, same will lay complain). As to fueds and arms (explain arms found in churches in Kaduna, Plateau and most resent Borno). Wake up and stop the propaganda, remember the most lucrative business in the world is war (am sure our budget for defence speaks for itself. Please be more constructive with your critisism, and lead by example, too many assumptions and noise in your regime dear CAN head.

  2. The view of Ayo Oritsejafor isn’t just the view of the christian community alone. I sure do believe that a hausa moslem in kebbi state will not accept it that his ancestral land be given to fulani herdsmen. The arms in the hands of these cattle men should be investigated before any further deliberation by NEC. So they want to give them lands as armoury in all states in the country so that they can have the ease of arms to terrorise the country and then give locations to bokoharam all over the country. THIS GRAZING RESERVE SECRET AGENDA MUST BE RESISTED BY ALL NIGERIANS, MOSLEMS AND CHRISTIANS INCLUSIVE.

  3. Ayo Orisejafor is not a man of God he proclaims himself to be. Because he has not hidden his hatred for the Fulani herdsmen bcos they were Muslims and thats why he believes establishing Grazing zones for them amounts to “islamizing Nigeria”.

    It would hav been something else if they happens to be Christians in majority then the so called reference to developed countries practices with respect cattle rearing would not hav come in.

    Let Orisejafor hav it in his skul that as creator of God almighty we cannot all hav the same faith. Even within the fold of either Islam or Christianity, there are shism, people belonged to different denominations based the interpretations they hav about their holy book. So the best we can do is to learn to respect individual rights based on justice and equity rather unnecessary noise making and rivalry that brings no benefit but rancour.

  4. One thing is sure, if the fulani wants grazing land they should simply be forced back to their land up north and proper farming should be done by them to feed their animals… For crying out loud cattles are reared in other parts of the world and u sure dont see them on the streets and in the communities or on farm lands not meant for that purpose…
    Govt should better still create dams and water reserves for them in their community up north to cultivate and feed their animals rather than let a group of people destroy the cou try.

  5. It’s a pity that some people who call themselves leaders of religion are talking rubbish. my suggestion here is that why can’t Nigerians sit and peacefully and divide this country? Because the hatred on Islam being displayed by Christians is getting worst every moment and only because of the North being part of Nigeria give some people chance to talk. Pls kindly forward our appeal so that this Conference will be given this mandate instead of all the happenings.

  6. I thank GOD for the life of Papa AYO ORISEJAFOR, we christians are greatful to GOD for giving us a leader like you in this times. We have a voice, they will try all means but nigeria will never be a muslim country.