Confab Delegate Caught ‘Sleeping’ On Camera, Hamma Misau Is Dead

delegateA retired Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Police, Hamma Misau is dead. He died Thursday night at the National Hospital of an undisclosed ailment at the age of 67.

Misau, who is a delegate at the ongoing National Conference, representing the Association of Retired Police Officers of Nigeria, ARPON, made news headline when a photo of him taking a nap at the conference surfaced some few days ago.

A close family member of the retired police officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed news of the delegate’s death.

Malam Hamma Misau hails from Misau in Bauchi state.


  1. very unfortunate. the more reason these old people at the conference should have left the stage for much younger people whose lives will actually be affected by whatever comes out of the confab. now that greed has brought out some of them to be engaged in such physically demanding exercise as this, I pray we won’t have more of this. in any case, I pray for the dead, that his soul shall find a peaceful rest.