Dating – 5 Signs That Shows She Cant Wait To Have You!

images (11)Though men find those women hot who take the first step, the truth is that most women are quite coy when it comes to taking the plunge into a relationship. Women like to be approached for they feel it is their prerogative. The only big problem is that most men do not understand the signals that women send out when they truly like a man, and would like him to approach her. To help you guys out, here are a few signs that show she truly likes you.

1. It’s in her eyes

A woman’s eyes do most of the talking. Notice her eyes, and you will know it all. If you are in a party, notice her eyes from across the room. If she is looking someplace else, you cannot really say if she is into you or not. However, if she too is looking at you, she is surely into you and you should approach her. Similarly, if a woman likes you, she will never move her eyes away from you. She will look straight into your eyes, and that is a very straight sign that she wants you to approach her.

2. her touch says it all

Women are quite expressive through physical gestures. If she likes you, and wants you to approach her, she will express it through her gestures. She will touch you often, will laugh at your lame jokes, and touch your shoulder, or may be even hug you. If she touches you often, it means she feels comfortable around you and thus, wants you to approach her.

3. She keeps in touch

If she stays constantly in touch with you, she is interested in you. If she messages you, comments on your Facebook photos and status, and randomly calls you up, these are the signs that she likes you. If through her texts or her calls she seems willing to know more about you and your personal life, it is a very clear sign she wants you to approach her.

4. She starts it all

She initiates conversations herself always. She looks for excuses to talk to you, directly or indirectly. And, when she is talking to you, she makes sure that she has her sole attention. Also, when she talking, observe her body language, does she lean into you, or flick her hair, or smiles in your direction for no reason. If she does it all, then she is definitely waiting for you to ask her out.

5. She gets jealous

Jealousy is always one of the clearest signs when it comes to love and attraction. If she gets jealous when you are with other women, and tries to attract your attention, she likes you quite a lot.

A woman will never tell you how much she likes you until and unless you approach her and confess your feelings first. This is the way women are and the fact is that you cannot do much to change them. The best thing to do is to start catching up on the signsas soon as possible.


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