Davido’s Fans Refuse His Apology and Blast Him As His $40/$75 New York Show Flops!


The artiste, who is currently in New York as part of a US tour, has been accused by his many fans of cheating them right there in the Big Apple.

The pop artiste’s first official US tour seems to have started on a bad note. Davido held a live concert in New York last night but hours later, a huge number of his fans took to social media to berate the Pop singer for his ‘bad behaviour’.

According to concert goers, the headline artiste (Davido) was billed to hit the stage at about midnight but did not do so until 3AM. Fans had gotten irritated at this point, knowing that the show was to end in an hour. Davido is also said to not have performed his hit song ‘Skelewu’.

Fans who paid for regular tickets were charged $40 while VIP tickets sold for $75. The show (and US concert) was put together by Big A Entertainment.

Knowing fully well what had happened, Davido tried to correct the ‘mishap’ by tendering an apology on Twitter but it seemed too late as fans responded, blasting him.

“Damn My NY was too packed police shut it down!! The love and support that came out was overwhelming!!! I will be back!’ @iam_Davido: ‘Feel so bad!!!!!!! Not my fault but I take the blame!!! I’m sorry!! Luv u guys 4real!! NYC!!!!!!Really sad!,” Davido wrote.

His Fans:

“Fraud in America… Lmfaooo. NYC don’t joke when it comes to concert! Davido y u f*ck up?” Instagram user @mz_syl wrote.

Photo - Fans mad as Davido’s $40 New York show flops!...

“Yo y are d*ck riders on here complaining of people that are complaining… You are an artist this kinda sh*t should never have happened and there should be some form of compensation… F*ck an apology make we here word… Return The money if it’s just $40 then they should return the money to everyone… Idc if it’s Davido fault or the promoters… U can’t be doing fraud in America,” @ricky_rozzay17 commented.

Photo - Fans mad as Davido’s $40 New York show flops!...

“To many irrelevant people performed… killed the vibe…wasted time… we paid to see you… then when you came on they still won’t leave the stage..like seriously…they made you look bad brother…. @lifeofdavido next time please organize better… it wasn’t the venue nor the staff…just people not behaving in a professional manner…keep doing your thing though…” @de_vyne complained.

Photo - Fans mad as Davido’s $40 New York show flops!...

“YOUR SHOW WAS F*CKIN STUPID AND LAME. YOU BETTER REFUND PEOPLE. I hope they call POLICE on you. You came on stage like 3:20am. Better refund people mtf,” Instagram user @kingarthur903 replied.

“Never again, a big flop! Disappointment! People smoking weed, skelewu wasn’t even performed, you came way very late when people were tired & frustrated, the cops shut it down, so disorganize. You should never come back to NYC to perform anymore because now nobody cares, & that’s a fact. Waste of makeup, energy, gas, money, everything.get your promoters right boo! (sic),” user @africanqueen247 wrote.

“u knew what you were doing when u planned to perform for 15 mins only! Don’t blame the police or the promoters! Stay humble or you will lose all of your fans!” @goodjourney89 advised.

“Fraud Artist! Next time don’t come on stage 30 mins before the venue is about to close! And have your team perform instead! We ain’t pay to watch ur team! African artist gotta do better! Refund our fucking money and stop showing off our money on here! Waste of time smh,” @ceciiif wrote