Don’t Expect Steady Electricity Supply In 2014, Minister of Power Says

Nigeria’s Power Minister Professor Chinedu Nebo acknowledged it is highly improbable that Nigerians will experience steady power supply this year.


He spoke in Lagos at the annual Power Investors Summit hosted by EnergyNet in conjunction with Nextier Capital Limited.

Minister Nebo noted that Nigeria is struggling to come out of the state of dilapidation, a state of total disrepair of infrastructures and decay.

“Most of the plans are not going to be ready by the end of the year. What we think from all study and framework right now is that by the end of the year, we will be able not only generate but have the transmission capacity to wheel out 6000 megawatts. That’s what we are projecting from a very technical and realistic point of view.”

The Minister added that much of the funds have been put aside for various projects that will continue to grow transmission capacity by 2015 to 2017.

He also noted that the distribution companies need a proper monitoring by the BPE and National Council on Privatization, as they tend to conceal the real state of affairs and hide the financial gaps that they have.


  1. Dis nepa of a tin,thy said we wnt b hvin light regulali,bt frm 2015 to 2017 dat it wil b gud,wen dat tym comes again,thy wil stil gve d same story,@ tymes I asked myslf is nigeria is cause,or bless,I dnt knw,luk @ togo,benin,ghana even ivory coast al dis country nigeria is far better than them,bt thy always hv light,bt why is our own country difernt,even thy wil nt gve us light for 2 month,bt thy wil stil collect d bill,nigeria is shameless,God forgive me for saying that but is the truth,I dnt just know wht is happenin to nigeria,may God save nigeria,is only a fool dat wil even b expectin nepa to bring light,bcox we are used to our generator,


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