Follow Up Tips To Enjoy After A Successful First Date

first date

If hoping to capitalize on the momentum of the first date, it helps to be assertive and make the right moves. This should increase the chance of getting a second date. Follow up in accordance with how successful the first date was and how it ended. You might have several options when it comes to making post date follow-up. Here are several tips to help men and women when it comes to early dating:

Show interest

It will certainly show your interest by sending the first text message or first phone call. Send the text message when you feel like it to help with breaking the silence. Although, it may not help to take this course of action if the other person specifically said they would call you. Leave them time to make the follow-up contact.

Communicate fairly

If you are really interested in progressing to the second date, make certain to give back as much as you receive when in communication via phone or text. Calling or texting too often is certain to come across as forceful. This is likely to be quite a turn off for the other party. If you only get back minimal or infrequent replies than this can indicate that the other person isn’t overly interesting in progressing further. Ideally, you want communication with both parties to include texting and calling in equal measures.

Don’t be overly available

Avoid giving the impression that you are available to meet up anytime. However, you still don’t want to make yourself seem busy at all times. Give the impression that you want to meet up with the other parson and ready to free up the necessary time to make sure it is able to happen. Decline the spur-of-the-moment get together, but instead plan a future date that is able to interest both parties. Go someplace that is new and different where you are able to enjoy experiences together.

Introduction to friends

It rarely benefits to start introducing someone new so early in a relationship. This can put significant pressure on the other party and it could even be awkward since you aren’t likely to know them especially well yet, and your friends may not approve. It is often difficult to feel and act comfortable if expecting to meet a group of friends. Try to limit the time together to single dates until things progress further in the relationship.


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