Former Wife Of Mercy Johnson’s Husband Speaks About Her Life

The former wife of Mercy Johnson’s husband, Odianosen Okojie, has revealed that the episode of her life, when her husband and the father of two left her for another woman is now the history.

Lovely Okojie confessed she couldn’t explain this move, but adding that “life is full of ups and downs” she said she had accepted her fate.

When asked to speak about her children, Lovely replied they are fine and that she is coping well.

However, when the interviewer inquired whether Odianosen has been assisting in the children’s upkeep, Lovely got angry saying:

“What do you mean? That is my past. Don’t ask me questions about my past. I don’t want to relate with my past. In fact, I don’t know what you are talking about,” and the phone went off.

According to Encomium source, which is close to the ex-wife’s family, Lovely is still very bitter about what happened to her marriage and felt really betrayed.

“She is not thinking of another marriage now, she is yet to recover from the past experience.”

It would be recalled that Lovely raised the alarm in 2011 that the man Mercy Johnson was planning to marry was actually her legal husband.

When everything seemed to be ready for the big day, Lovely dropped the bombshell with pictures of her marriage to Okojie to back up her claim.

It caused the marriage delay. However the two lovebirds tied their vows at a Christ Embassy Church, Oregun, Lagos on Saturday, August 27, 2011, amidst tight security.

Source: Ecomium Magazine


  1. U pple just rushed n making conclusion without knowing what led to d divorce, do u knW if d woman was caught wit anoda man or may be they are not compatable. Do u knw whether d man has try to change her but d woman refuse to change from what d man doesnt like. Do u knw whether d woman has bcome problem to d woman, don’t just conclude that what d man did was wrong bcoz if u find ur self in such position u might do d same thing.

  2. Every good gift comes from God, if u are purshuing anything in life, sick for God presence first and u will achive it, looking for a man of God with d fear of God in him

  3. When will our actresses stop marrying other women’s husbands? They will keep regretting their actions later in life. They will be d losers at last. It happened to Akindele…..They shd ask….

  4. I have problems with Christ embassy church and baby boy who comment we don’t need to ask the need to solve problems married is for better and for worse

  5. if actualy he did church or court wedding with his former wife,then left her for mercy.there is no excuse before God for the divorce cos marriage is for better and for worse.even mercy wld regreat it later in life if she accepts christ for marrying another woman’s husbnd.the regreats might not com now later.she might feel she is enjoying but its not an enjoyment and wldnt be except the man didnt do traditional rites on the ex wife with church wedding nor court,thats when she wld be free from nemesis and God’s judgement.

  6. how on earth wil Christ Embassy allow a wedding of a married man wt kids, dis can only don in registry not Church for Gods sake…

  7. Unless you were unfaithful to your husband, if not. Always go on your knees taking everything to God. Train your children in the fear of God. Remember, there is no marriage in heaven. Hold dearly unto the gift God has given to you and make sure you don’t inject bitterness into their heart. Don’t bring them up to hate anyone but love. What has happened has happened but God has a way of vindicating his people…
    May God be with you and your children. Amen

  8. With all her popularity and with all the single men in the world, Mercy Johnson couldn’t find an unmarried man to marry? She had to steal a husband from his wife and a father from his kids? Too bad. Move on with your life Lovely, any one that does love you enough to stick with you isn’t worth your tears


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