GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Man Brutally Bites Off His Wife’s Ear

An English man, Damian Chwedczuk, bit off his wife’s ear, and it became the culmination of the 3 terrible years of domestic abuse during which he emptied her dead mother’s ashes over the floor before vacuuming them up.


When the terrified aged woman, Debbie, finally decided to end it all and told the 32-year-old thug that she was leaving him, Chwedczuk was angered and launched his most brutal attack.

He punched her, kicked her in the back and poked her eyes before ripping her right ear off with his teeth.

Debbie narrated:

“Then he actually bit my ear and I just saw part of it lying on the floor.”

Luckily, the cruel husband was arrested soon after the attack and now is successfully serving four years and 11 months behind bars.

After Debbie had undergone several plastic surgeries and therapy, she understood the importance of speaking out, urging other victims of domestic violence to do the same thing.

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