1. fGumsu is a shameless girl. The day you posted the piece the US Govt froze almost 500Million Dollars of your daddy’s loot. Still you have the gut to talk. In a state like North Korea, the entire members of your family would have been given to DOGS. Mark it, the BLOOD of those that your father killed, shall surely send you packing from this planet. Rogue and Daughter of a ROGUE.

    • Do you have a father Ayeni? Or you are born by a prostitute? Abacha and his family have done better things for Nigeria than you and your nonentity family. We have the records of more terrible leaders than Abacha. Where is IBB and Shagari? What of OBJ and GEJ? Or is it because Abacha is dead that every smelly mouth opens to attack him? You are a rogue, of a rogue generation. IDIOT.


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