He Knew the Rules: Pistorius Passed Gun Use Competency Test

A firearm specialist has testified that, Oscar Pistorius, was privy to the rules on gun use and dealings with intruders at the paralympic champion’s trial in a Pretoria court.

The man nicknamed ‘the blade runner’ said one could discharge a firearm if one feared for one’s life.

Pistorius, who became the first disabled athlete to compete in the Olympics, denies murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year, saying he mistook her for an intruder.

Oscar Pistorius Knew When to Pull the Trigger. Image: AP.
Oscar Pistorius Knew When to Pull the Trigger. Image: AP.

The prosecution says he intentionally shot Ms Steenkamp after an argument at his house.

Sean Patrick Rens knows the ins and out of firearms assessment for licences and claimed he met Pistorius in 2012 through a mutual friend.

Day 11 of the much publicised trial heard Mr Pistorius had bought a gun from Mr Rens, a Smith and Wesson 500. He then ordered six more guns from him.

The order was cancelled a month after Ms Steenkamp was killed.

Mr Rens read out a competency questionnaire and examination that Mr Pistorius had completed before he could be issued with a firearm.

He scored top marks in these tests, which included questions about the rules on when you are legally allowed to shoot intruders.

One question was: “There is no security gate between you and the burglars. They are armed and they advance towards you. Can you discharge your firearm because you fear for your life?”

Mr Pistorius replied “Yes”.

The next question was: “Explain the legal requirements when using a firearm for private use”, to which Mr Pistorius answered: “Attack must be against you, it must be unlawful, it must be against persons.”

The final question on the importance of target identification elicited this answer from Mr Pistorius: “Always know your target and what lies behind.”

Culled from the BBC World

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