Is It OK For A Sister To Undress In Front Of Her Brother And Vice Versa? [Advice Needed]

My friend and I are both 24, and we’ve known each other since our early childhood, that is, for about 15 years. He has a younger sister who is 21, her and I have also always been on good terms. When we were little, we would often hang out together, and his sister would tag along.


About ten years ago, my friend’s family moved elsewhere and we lost contact with each other. Some time ago, however, we found each other via one of the social networks. Finally, I travelled to another town to visit my friend. It turned out that he moved out of his parents’ house and rented a flat together with his sister. Our firendship was restored, and I have become an often guest at their place.

However, I’ve also noticed something that bothers me greatly. As children, we didn’t think much of seeing each other shirtless, the girl included. But my friend and his sister still actually see each other naked. The sister is comfortable undressing in front of her brother and vice versa.

I am an only child, so I’m in no position to judge if this is normal or not. So, I’d like to ask you guys, is being unclad in the family a normal thing?


  1. It only with a dirty mind that can see anything bad it must make it good as they can talk about anything with out being shy


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