“Jonathan Convened Confab Because He Has Run Out Of Ideas”

GEJ-KwankwasoGovernor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State has reiterated his objection to the ongoing National Conference in Abuja, saying it would end up as another talk show, as it was an avenue to fritter away public funds.

Speaking with BBC Hausa Service in Kaduna at the weekend, Kwankwaso queried the N7 billion reportedly budgeted for the conference with a three month duration, while a meagre N2 billion was allocated as counterpart funding for development projects in the three North-East states bedeviled by Boko Haram insurgency.

He accused President Goodluck Jonathan of hurriedly convening the conference because he had run out of ideas on how to run the country.

He further accused the president of having a hidden motive for organizing the conference, which he said was to open old wounds with a clear intent to cause confusion in the polity.

The governor said he only allowed delegates from Kano State to attend the confab so that they too, would be part of the audience in a Broadway-like theatre.

Describing the dialogue as a waste of time, Kwankwaso noted that “you see an Igbo insulting a Hausa, Yoruba insulting Fulani, a Christian talking against a Muslim and vice versa”.

He said what Nigeria truly needs is a change in leadership with people of integrity to steer the ship of the state, and not a government that has failed and is still coming up with ideas that would not augur well for the unity and corporate existence of the country in the long run.


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