Jonathan Summons Moro, Immigration Boss Over Recruitment deaths

Jonathan norm

President Goodluck Jonathan, Monday summoned the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro and the Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), David Parradang over the tragedy that occurred Saturday during the Immigration recruitment exercise.

over ten deaths were reported at various centres of the examination.

The president was said to have invited Moro and Parradang to shed more light on why what should have been carried out smoothly turned tragic.

The duo spent over two hours with the president behind closed doors. Journalists who approached them as they exited the Villa were said to have been ignored as they kept mum and carried long faces.

Moro has been criticised by individuals and interest groups over the deaths, amd have called on the government to relieve him of his duties.


  1. Its sad wen hungry job seekers who ought to be pitied are subjected to hardship,torture and untimely death! Were stadias built for exams? Couldn’t they av written d exams in batches in comfortable centres? Are our graduates valued at all? I watched with dismay how our graduates scampered for breath while strugling to go in and write exams they were not sure of passing. Wen shall we get it right the first time? Wish we learnt to b proactive nd not reactive.

  2. We can blame them for some inadequacies in their planning and cordinating strategies but we should also blame the applicants for their impatience and lack of cooperation. In Ogun state where I did mine, I could only blame the applicants for impatience and disruption of the officers effort in ensuring decorum. Above all, it was a tragedic saturday. May the soul of the dead rest in peace. And their families must be compensated.

  3. D minister is neva d cause of dose death nor d controller, dey died out of ignorant, hw could a so cald graduate who is 2 go 2 exam hall peacefully 2 write shud go 2 d exam hall forcefully, y shud dey go 2 d exam hall wit an empty stomach? D minister and d controller shud b left alone in dat matter, dey said heavn hep dos who hep dem sef, we all knw d death is a sad news bt dats means dat dos who colaps on d test venues shows dat dey r nt evn fit 2 b recruited into d nigerian immigratn

  4. Edvin, were u at venue for d exams? If u were there u won’t ask d ministers to be left out of d issue, how cud dey get a stadium of 5000 capacity for over 100000 people?they know how many candidates will be around because they sent SMS to every one who got that’s form…Isn’t that Wickedness?how do u expect them to manage??? Ehn? Tell me, u were also talking about coming to the hall with empty stomach,the exam was suppose to strt for 7am, how do u expect people coming from long distance to be able to eat before coming, wen u knw d exam will not be on hold for u and is it empty stomach that made dem faint or suffocation…there were people who had eaten and still faint…so please put on your THINKING CAP

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