Jonathan’s Comment Proof FG Is Behind Killings In Nasarawa – Lai Mohammed

GEJ-Lai MohammedThe Peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Government and the Presidency have been accused of master-minding the violent clashes in Nasarawa State to score cheap political points.

The All Progressives Congress, APC, Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who made the accusation on Sunday, in reaction to a statement credited to President Goodluck Jonathan to the effect that the North-Central state was experiencing frequent clashes because it is not presently controlled by the PDP, should give every right thinking Nigerian a cause for concern.

The president made the remark in Minna, Niger State on Saturday during a solidarity/unity rally for the North-Central zone organized by the ruling party.

Mohammed said it was particularly worrisome that the president was using the deteriorating security situation in some parts of the country to play divisive politics.

He said, “What I can say is that from the President’s statement in Nasarawa where he said that they would get back Nasarawa and once they get Nasarawa, all the crisis in Nasarawa will be a thing of the past.

“Is that not saying that, they know about it already? And that they are behind it? That, coming from a President is very destabilising for the country.

“In other words, what the President is saying is that they are behind the crisis and the killings in Nasarawa State.

“Otherwise, why would they have to wait for Nasarawa to become PDP before they put an end to the killings? Knowing full well that the Federal Government has full control of the military and the police I think Mr. President should explain to Nigerians what is happening”, the APC spokesperson said.


  1. mr lai is only fool that can tell u jonathan is not behind all what happinig in naija. it has being long we know say d guy ls ex militant. his among those leader that use to suponsor those boys.thatz why one of him boy dey make noise say their is bloodsheed if oga at d top no win election.God well expose them.

  2. The yoruba proverb always says ” Oba to jee ti ilu fitu, araye o nigbagbe, ati eyi ti o je, ti ilu fitoro gbogbo araye o nigbagbe” the king that make a town be destroy , all the world will not forget and the king that make happiness for his town , all over the world will not forget. Any thing Jonathan have in mind to do he should continue whether good or bad, I know that one day the owner of his life will ask him. But the only advise I have for him is to repent and change totally. For second term of his mind should forget it. Enough of killing is a enough Mr President.

  3. If this #News were true,evidently,mr Gej is the’harbingar of predicament’ we’ve found ourselves today. No wonder the Northerners cavet powers,proponderance it over other regions because they know if they share the honey with others they will abuse it which arguably occuring now in Nigeria. Why would a whole president cannot refrain himself from spewing damage statement that could hamper his administration. I wonder may be he doesn’t have the advisers/consultants that leads him through before yacking a word. Historically, he is from poor parentage home and I think he should maitain the glory and sail through happily without tarnishing his image and stalemate his other kins(Igbos), the opportunity to ascend the presidency throne in Nigeria. Obviously, he is ‘inept presiednt’ nation ever prouced!

  4. GEJ only said that bcos APC in Nas state ignited and could not handle the crisis. This is what did not happen during the PDP regime. We need pdp in Nas state period.

  5. Unfortunately people like Mr Dan can‘t reason with their monkey brains,just what type of a human being are you?Can‘t you at least see what is happening?From your words,you are from Nasarawa,aren‘t you?Well,wake-up or be sorry for the rest of your days,because it‘s coming to you and everybody in this country,don‘t think you can hide cos you can‘t,save your state from this evil else you‘ll cry,wake-up Mr Dan,you just don‘t need PDP in Nasarawa,they were there before the CPC,weren‘t they?Can‘t you see?Are you so blind?Just how sentimental can you be?Are you so foolish and light headed?Just wake-up,ok?

  6. Commissioner or what do u call that ur fake name? Listen and listen and listen gud, get it right inside ur empty skull, apc in Nas state is evil as well as d leaders nd leadership. We are after reliable pple nd nt blood suckers like Taal, Adamu nd d mumu alago/fulani wahala,


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