Lupita Nyong’o’s Fans ‘Attack’ Nigerian Singer Dencia Over Whitenicious Controversy

The singer known more for her bleaching than her music appeared on UK’s Channel 4 News and BBC where she was interviewed about the controversy surrounding her Whitenicious cream .

Among the questions asked was about her ‘beef’ with Lupita Nyongo .The ‘beef’ had developed after a speech was delivered at the 7th annual Black women in Hollywood Luncheon. In the speech, Lupita revealed how her fame saved a girl from doing something fatal;Using Whitenicious Cream

When asked about Lupita she said that “I don’t care about Lupita Nyong’o and her story. We are adults and should know what we want to do to feel comfortable.”

The fans seem to have waited for her to talk smack about Lupita because they were soon on her like white on rice and they were not pulling any punches

TooSiQ… ‏@TooSiQ:Who’s Dencia to Lupita? One is a common marketer, the other an Oscar award winning actress…

 Sadly so: The only thing bright about Dencia is her new complexion. She sounds unintelligent

I DISAGREE, She doesn’t sound unintelligent, she sounds perfectly intelligent n informed, for someone who thinks with her implants. I mean, what were y’all expecting? She aint even got a brain.

Badara Sarja: Dencia, go back to school in order to know who you are and your history. Damn! I don’t even know why BBC interviews uneducated/useless people Dencia. Stupid and arrogant Dencia. I didn’t even know her. She don’t even know how to converse. Freaking accent too. You are brainwashed, Dencia. Indeed, you mentioned that “white is pure”. In other words, you mentioned that black is not pure. Oh God! You will never be a Caucasian. You were born black. FYI, my white friend right here is laughing at you, and I believe that most Caucasians will laugh at you. Dumb African woman! Remember, M. Jackson did it, but he eventually regretted everything. He died of pain. Be careful._

Just Saying: I watched this and the BBC focus on Africa interview and I was so ashamed of Dencia. She was very uncouth and acted like a pig at a dinner table who pulled the table cloth off, causing the delish meals served to pour all over the table because chicken feet wasn’t served.

Watch Interview Video Below


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