Man Jumps From Mokola Flyover BridgeTo Escape Robbery Attack

Ibadan, Oyo State – Abdul-Kareem Olalere had to jump from Mokola Flyover Bridge to avoid being robbed by armed hoodlums who were chasing him.

Mr. Olalere, a principal agent at Premier Logo Company, now has his left arm broken, but his money (N300,000) and other personal belongings are intact. He was lucky to survive the risky high fall and not to be hit by the vehicles on the ever-busy Mokola road.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr. Olalere explained he had to take the risk or be shot by the armed robbers. He says he noticed he was being followed while riding on a commercial motorcycle. As the driver was too afraid to move faster, they stopped, and Mr. Olalere saw the hoodlums drawing out guns. He had to throw the money down and jumped after it.

The police confirmed the incident, adding the money is safe and kept in custody of the police.

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