Millionaire Brutalizes His Model Girlfriend Till She Looks Like Chimpanzee

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A multimillionaire Russian telecommunications boss — Pavel Usahanov,  has gone on the run after beating his model girlfriend up so brutally that she was left looking like a ‘zombie from a horror film;’ Pavel, 33, had been dating  model Alexandra Sereda for two years when she told him that she wanted to end their relationship.
Ushanov was so enraged by her decision that he launched a brutal attack on the 27-year-old. Speaking from her hospital bed she told Russian media…
‘I was leaving for work and it was 7 am in the morning when I heard the doorbell, and then I heard his voice. I could hear that he sounded annoyed and I didn’t want to open the door, but he obviously wasn’t going away so then I did and without saying anything he just went inside and punched me in the head.’
She said that the man had then kicked and punched constantly for 10 minutes. She said that even when she screamed that he was going to kill her, he had simply replied: ‘Good, that’s what I want.
When I looked at the pictures of myself after the attack I looked like a zombie from a horror movie.’
Police say Ushanov has since gone on the run, and they have issued a warrant for his arrest
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