Minister Can’t Be Sacrificial Lamb For NIS Recruitment Tragedy – Group

Abba-MoroThe embattled Minister of the Interior, Comrade Abba Moro cannot be a sacrificial lamb nor the scapegoat whose head must roll in place of others in the event of the tragedy that greeted the botched recruitment exercise of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) penultimate Saturday, national president of National Consolidation Group (NCG), Hon. Ajon Ugboho has said.

Speaking in Abuja on Tuesday when he visited LEADERSHIP office, Hon. Ugboho said all efforts of the interior minister had been geared towards providing job opportunities for teeming Nigerian youths, adding that Moro wanted to give every applicant the chance to participate.

Putting most Nigerian self-styled activists on the spot, Ugboho noted that they had become jobless to the point where they had no issues of development to engage their time, hence they fed fat on national disasters as though someone had intentionally caused it to happen.

He argued that it was wrong for anyone to accuse Moro of intentionally ripping off unemployed young Nigerians desperate to secure jobs in order for him to become a multi-millionaire.


“The Abba Moro that I know is humane and compassionate. He has lived all his life for the uplift and empowerment of youths and the less- privileged. He has always fought for justice and stood for the truth and by the truth. If Moro had been greedy as alleged in some quarters in the light of this unfortunate incident, I can tell you that, he could have as well, accumulated massive wealth when he held sway as the council chairman of Okpokwu local government in Benue State for eight years.

“It appears that most of the so-called activists in Nigeria have no jobs and really do not have issues of development to engage their time. Little wonder, they feed fat on national disasters as though anyone had caused them intentionally. The immigration officers who were to invigilate the recruitment exercise should have done their homework properly.

“Morally, can anyone really blame the interior minister for the death of pregnant women who were allowed by their husbands to go for such exercise? Or nursing mothers who turned up for the exercise with their babies? I think that the politicisation of national tragedy by the opposition should be condemned in its entirety. Let us wait for the outcome of the investigation by the federal government”, Ugboho said.

He further asked: “Who will be punished or has been punished for the death of several people in Kwara State last year during the stampede caused by Saraki Sallah gifts to the less-privileged in the state?”


  1. Mr. Abba Moro should resign and save his face (if at all he has it) from total shame. This supporting Group, from Benue State, methinks, they are Cameroun gendarmes. No way for PAID SPEAKERS in Nigeria. Period.

  2. This is a foolish talk. The minister is responsible for any action either directly taking by him or on his behalf.
    The sit and rule style that is typical of our administrators is one of the reasons why we are not progressing. You cannot sit down in office without close supervision of your subordinates and expect perfection, efficiency or effective performance.
    Was he not aware of the number of applicats and the venues? It is a matter of common sense. He should have done the home work prior to the day as per scheduling the examination in a conducive and humane way. His action is a disdain to humanity and life of others. The simple act shows his incompetence to handle human related position.
    Sentiment and ethnicity should not come into this matter. If the author of this article has his own direct relation among victims I’m sure he won’t talk this nonsense. Our failure to punish criminals and those who misuse their offices is what is making impunity and corruption to be on increase.
    The idea of window dressing evil actions should stop. We should all join hands together and rid this country of all acts of impunity and corruption.

  3. abba moro should not be blem,nigeria immigration recruitment exercise is not ment for pregant or nursing mother.d husbands should be blem for there wifes death,how can a man allow his pregant wife or nursing wife to go for such exercise,pls good people in nigeria stop blem abba moro.


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