‘Miracle’ Baby Breathing on her Own After Declared Dead


A newborn girl who had been declared dead by staff at a Halifax hospital started breathing on her own again and the mother says it’s a miracle.

Robin Cyr’s fourth child became wedged in the birth canal during labour Saturday and for 25 minutes after she was born, doctors and nurses watched for any sign of life, the Truro Daily News reported. Seeing none, the baby girl was removed from the room at the IWK Health Centre.

Cyr said her aunt was in the room and started praying. About two minutes after the little girl had been taken out of the room, a nurse came back in.

“She was speechless and another nurse came over and said, ‘Your baby’s breathing,'” Cyr told Metro.

The doctor had no explanation, Cyr said.

“He said it’s a miracle,” Cyr said. “All I can say is, hand of God…God brought her back for a reason.”

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