More Photos of Genevieve Nnaji’s 20 Years Old Daughter……

Genevieve's daughter stargist

More photos of the beautiful nollywood actress’ daughter……


Genevieve nnaji's_daughter stargist




  1. Wao she luks jux lk ha mum bt pls dnt take from ha character,though she z ur mum,bt ha refusing 2 get married ain’t gud at all

  2. Is it jenevive or the daught or the press that posted these pics,
    why are parading these girl dont you realized that she is a barstared and suposed to be going through the back doors
    wht are you people so proud of her
    is promoting evil

  3. Mr Saint, ur children will be called bastards! U r an evil fellow 4 posting such nasty comment bout dis innocent girl dat has done u no harm. Her mother is more successful than any 1 in ur Generation will ever be! Stupid man!

  4. I neva see this kain person like dis b4, dis Mr saint really an hater, ‘Haba’, do u knw her b4? Hw can u call s human being like u a bastard,u’ll be supprise to find out dat ur own children are all bastard,u jst enemy of progress,try to talk well abt pple


  6. This mr saint is a large basterd, he is just hating bcos he is yet to know his mother,talk more of his father….wizard u’r evil to say such things abt another human being

  7. We’re all children of somebody and among all of God, no matter the circumstancies of our births. Please respect every human being…She is a beautiful girl and God’s creature.

  8. She is an angel. Who is calling her a bastard, if she sues u, u r doomed for life. Thank God her mother did not abort her. My dear carry go norri do u.

  9. Is really dis man human? how do u call God’s daughter a abursad?,if this man is not evil then all is system is rotten.

  10. dear chimebuka u are blessed to have a mother lik genee,after she gave birth to u,she still stood on her ground to pursue her career,she a great woman to d core,

  11. Wow chimuebuka is dt really her name? I must say dt she's so beautiful more than i thought, pls can i be ur friend 4life chimuebuka?

    Chimuebuka pls can i be ur friend 4life? Cos ur too beautiful more than i thought

  12. Geny was d most courageous of her peers knowing fully well wot it was like keeping a pregnancy outside wed luck, a lot of us terminated ours for fear of being crucified by our Parents n peers but Geny was bold enough to hers, a beg my thumbs up for u Geny. Baby girl don’t mind DAT loud mouth called Mr. Saint or whatever, if its easy let him have one n put on the net, ancient n barbaric man, he’s d kind of man dat can never show love to his wife for fear of being called woman wrapper, local man.

  13. Mr Saint,next time u first go n learn hw to write correct english b4 u start calling a beautiful girl made by God a bastard as if u can even create a plastic spoon.did she choose her parent or d family she wud cum out from?

  14. Mr saint, you r a catatrosphious idiot. I believed u r not a nigerian,we are different, which of d taxi park do u work? We love her, and I believed ur parents would called a baster if they venture come across ur statement to this innocent princess that we all adored. Stupid and unpresented roboot.

  15. Its jst too unfortunate to read post from pple lyk dis, wait o did i hear him calling himself saint? well i cant see anytin saint 4rm his wicked nd evil words

  16. mr Saint o what u call dat ur name u r surely very ugly keep jealousy aside n appreciate. she migt be a bastered but a big star until u have de time to write about her thank God she does not even knows u .u r de biggest bastered with all ur entire generation. may u have wven tried to brain de mum even.bad belle man shame on u idiot

  17. Mr saint.. U re d most folishperson on earth,, hw could u say such a tin abt a human being dat is as pretty as dat. U re heartless nd God wil punish u for datsm

    • Mr. saint or more like dont deserve to be on the face of the planet to say such filthy words you filthy bastard!!!you probably dnt know who your father is,stupid idiot,enemy of progress.Who even allowed this IDIOTIC FOOL to post such nonsense! I applaud Gennie for keeping and raising such a beautiful daughter,May God’s Hand of Peace,Prosperity,Long life and Protection always rest upon them.

  18. Mr saint is it bc u don’t have father and u was born and bread @ d road side y are u calling her a basterd !!!!?hmmmm chimebuka carry go is only God that now y he gave ur mother such a wonderful name what a princess genny abeg I throwee salute give u carry go u are d best

  19. All of you except for number 24 are a bunch of uneducated retards,you guys can’t even spell “bastard” your Grammer is absolutely nasty. Me and my guys had a major laugh reading your comments. Dumb fucks

  20. Mr Saint u r the most stupid idiot I have ever met.ur so stupid that u dnt know the meaning of bastard I think u are even the bastard .let tunder scatter that ur useless mouth for calling this blessed child a bastard. God’s creature that’s wat u called a bastard may god forgive u . idiot


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