Ms Sahhara Blast Fans For Comparing Her To Nicki Minaj

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And she calls it stupid compliments from men…lol.
Read what she said below: –
I’m not being big headed, but some just take the piss……. ‘You look like Nicki Minaj’ Really?….I’m 6’3 tall in heels, she is tiny, don’t get me wrong; she is stunning….’Beyonce’ When I had brown hair, I like Bey really…….’Chocolate’ LOL I hate chocolates, I look nothing like chocolate, well I like hot chocolate drink…….’Coloured'(Subtle racism) Come on now; we are not in 1950s, I AM BLACK!……..’Princess’ Hahahaha so who is the hell is The Queen then? Keep your stupid/lame compliments if you can’t be simple or original! Ha! 



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