NIS Recruitment Tragedy Confirmation Of Jonathan Administration’s Cluelessness – PPA

NIS1.jpgAlmost two weeks after the botched Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment exercise that resulted in the death of at least 19 applicants, the Progressive Peoples Alliance on Wednesday stated that the incident was a confirmation that the government of President Goodluck Jonathan was clueless.

The party, which was making its first pronouncement on the matter since it happened, regretted that despite all the weighty allegations, the Federal Government had retained the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro when ordinarily, he should have been fired.

The National Chairman of PPA, Mr. Peter Ameh, in a statement in Abuja said the minister could have only acted in such brazen manner because he knew that nothing would come out of it.

He said, “The failed recruitment exercise by NIS and the painful destruction of lives that came along with it is very worrisome. Whether we want to believe it or not, pretending over the current state of affairs in our beloved country is an indication that Nigeria is showing worrisome signs of a failed state.


“Truly speaking, with close to 15 years of civil and democratic governance, Nigeria should have been liberated from such a huge problem of unemployment. Nigeria’s unemployment rate is alarming and from all indications, Jonathan’s government has ran out of ideas on how to combat it.

“How can any responsible organisation or an individual conduct such an interview for job applicants despite the fact that they were with them and yet still failed in making sure that adequate preparation was made?”

According to him, the stampede “that was occasioned by bad leadership under the Peoples Democratic Party government” would have taken more lives at the venue of the recruitment exercise if not for the disciplined nature of the applicants.

Ameh said under the PDP led federal government, the country had experienced the worst cases of corruption such as the pension scam and the $20bn missing Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation money.


  1. In as much as this issue is a master stroke, The PPA should forget about Politicizing the issue of NIS recruitment stampede and concentrate on more pressing issues like how to pay for her Secretariats and how to attract serious politicians.cluelessness is when u win 2 states in an election with people not trusted and they later switch camp, leaving you out dry. @ least Mr President has been steadfast even with the level of internal betrayal he has faced in recent time. PDP is working.


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